Release Schedule

Movie Title (click to view)StudioDate
Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart Shout! 9/24/14
James Wan Presents Demonic W/Dim. TBD
Jane Got a Gun Rela. 2/20/15
Jessabelle LGF 11/7/14
Jimmy's Hall SPC TBD
Johanna Tar. TBD
John Wick LGF 10/24/14
Joy Fox 12/25/15
The Judge WB 10/10/14
The Jungle Book (2015) BV 10/9/15
Jungle Book: Origins WB 10/21/16
Jupiter Ascending WB 2/6/15
Jurassic World Uni. 6/12/15
Justin and the Knights of Valour N/A TBD
Kidnap (2015) Rela. 10/9/15
Kill the Messenger Focus 10/10/14
King Arthur (2016) WB 7/22/16
King of the Elves N/A TBD
Kingsman: The Secret Service Fox 2/13/15
Kitchen Sink Sony 1/9/15
Krampus Uni. 11/25/15
Kung Fu Panda 3 Fox 12/23/15
Laggies A24 10/24/14
Larrikins Fox 2/16/18
The Last 5 Years RTWC 2/13/15
Late Bloomer WB TBD
Lazarus LGF 1/30/15
The Lazarus Child WB TBD
Left Behind (2014) Free 10/3/14
Leo the Lion Wein. TBD
Leviathan (2014) SPC 12/31/14
Lilting Strand 9/26/14
Listen Up Philip Trib. 10/17/14
Little Boy ORF 2/27/15
A Little Game Focus TBD
The Little Mermaid (3D) N/A TBD
Live By Night WB 10/7/16
The Loft Uni. TBD
London Has Fallen Focus 10/2/15
The Longest Ride Fox 4/10/15
Mad Max: Fury Road WB 5/15/15
Madagascar 4 Fox 5/18/18
Magic Mike 2 WB 7/1/15
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. WB 8/14/15
Maps to the Stars Focus TBD
Mardi Gras SGem TBD
The Martian Fox 11/25/15
Marvel Untitled (2017) BV 5/5/17
Marvel Untitled (2019) BV 5/3/19
Marvel Untitled (July 2016) BV 7/8/16
Marvel Untitled (July 2018) BV 7/6/18
Marvel Untitled (May 2018) BV 5/4/18
Marvel Untitled (Nov. 2017) BV 11/3/17
Marvel Untitled (Nov. 2018) BV 11/2/18
Marvin the Martian WB TBD
Mas Negro Que La Noche LGF 9/26/14
Master of Time and Space P/DW TBD
A Matter of Faith 5&2 10/17/14
Max (2015) WB 1/30/15
Max Steel ORF 2015
The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials Fox 9/18/15
McFarland, USA BV 2/20/15
Me and My Shadow Fox TBD
Me Before You WB 8/21/15
Mean Moms WB TBD
Men, Women & Children Par. 10/1/14
Midnight Special WB 11/25/15
Minions Uni. 7/10/15
Mission Impossible 5 Par. 12/25/15
The Mistaken SGem TBD
Mommy RAtt. 2015
Mommy and Me Sony TBD
Monkey Kingdom BV 4/17/15
A Monster Calls Focus 10/14/16
Monster High Uni. 10/7/16
Monster Trucks Par. 5/29/15
The Moon and the Sun Par. 4/10/15
Mortdecai LGF 2/6/15
A Most Violent Year A24 12/31/14
Mr. Turner SPC 12/19/14
Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie N/A TBD
The Mummy (2016) Uni. 6/24/16

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