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Alpha Dog
Flawed Youth Drama Has Bite
Scott Holleran 1/12/07
Catch and Release
Aimless Characters Populate Aimless Movie
Scott Holleran 1/26/07
The Lives of Others
German Movie Indicts Altruism by Implication
Scott Holleran 2/9/07
Music and Lyrics
Cupid Scores a Cute, Catchy Hit
Scott Holleran 2/14/07
Holier Feds Than Thou
Scott Holleran 2/16/07
History Hijacked by Horror
Scott Holleran 3/9/07
Sports Tale Barely Beats the Buzzer
Scott Holleran 3/23/07
Reign Over Me
Misguided Men Take Manhattan
Scott Holleran 3/23/07
Assassination Action Hampered by Slow-Moving Target
Scott Holleran 3/23/07
Meet the Robinsons
Manic Animation Numbs a Good Story
Scott Holleran 3/30/07
The Hoax
Droll Humor Caps Con Man's Downfall
Scott Holleran 4/6/07
Thriller Piles on Suspense
Scott Holleran 4/13/07
Legal Thriller Lacks Credibility
Scott Holleran 4/20/07
Spider-Man 3
Superhero Swingin' in Third Movie
Scott Holleran 5/4/07
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Sequel Offers More Absurdity, Less Horror
Scott Holleran 5/25/07
Mr. Brooks
Costner Finds Moral Relativism in Mass Murder
Scott Holleran 6/1/07
Ocean's Thirteen
Vegas Piffle Entertains
Scott Holleran 6/8/07
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Foursome's Sequel Ignites
Scott Holleran 6/15/07
Evan Almighty
Religious Sequel Sinks in Sanctimony
Scott Holleran 6/22/07
Medical Profession Distorted in Emotionalist Diatribe
Scott Holleran 6/22/07
Live Free or Die Hard
Fourth Outing Nets Action and Laughs
Scott Holleran 6/27/07
Rat Chef Serves Animated Feast
Scott Holleran 6/29/07
Robot Battle Is a Bombastic Bore
Scott Holleran 7/3/07
Hairspray (2007)
Light Musical Can't Stop the Beat
Scott Holleran 7/20/07
No Reservations
Comedy-Drama Made to Order
Scott Holleran 7/27/07
The Bourne Ultimatum
Third Bourne Satisfies
Scott Holleran 8/3/07
Rush Hour 3
Third Rush Still Fun
Brandon Gray 8/10/07
The Invasion
Remake Replicates Decent Thrills
Brandon Gray 8/17/07
September Dawn
Solid Drama About Mormon Massacre
Scott Holleran 8/24/07
The Brave One
Thriller Taps Dark City Fears
Scott Holleran 9/14/07
Feast of Love
Hymn to Love Resonates
Scott Holleran 9/28/07
The Kingdom
Action Blaster Suggests Osama Was Right
Scott Holleran 9/28/07
Michael Clayton
Tepid Affair Scores Style Points
Scott Holleran 10/5/07
Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Elizabeth Sequel Sinks in Histrionics
Scott Holleran 10/12/07
Lars and the Real Girl
Plastic Doll Drama Is Poignant
Scott Holleran 10/12/07
Political Drama Plods and Manipulates
Scott Holleran 10/19/07
Dan in Real Life
Actors Charm in Family Fare
Scott Holleran 10/26/07
American Gangster
Harlem Drug Movie Bites the Dust
Scott Holleran 11/2/07
Lions for Lambs
Redford's War Hunt for the Mind
Scott Holleran 11/9/07
Myth Mixed in 3D Epic
Scott Holleran 11/16/07
Love in the Time of Cholera
Poetry in Long, Slow Motion
Scott Holleran 11/16/07
Sin-Themed Drama Is Overwrought
Scott Holleran 12/7/07
The Golden Compass
Directional Fantasy Loses Its Way
Scott Holleran 12/7/07
I Am Legend
Remake Drains the Brains Out of a Legend
Scott Holleran 12/14/07
National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Sequel Retains Adventurism
Scott Holleran 12/21/07
P.S. I Love You
Swank Sings in Poignant Postscripts
Scott Holleran 12/21/07
The Bucket List
Strong Male Bonding from Rob Reiner
Scott Holleran 12/25/07
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