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A Devilish Mixed Bag
C.A. Wolski 2/14/03
The Life of David Gale
The Ultimate Liberal Thriller
C.A. Wolski 2/21/03
Bringing Down the House
Housesitter From the Ghetto
Scott Holleran 3/7/03
Bend It Like Beckham
Beckham's Got Game
Scott Holleran 3/12/03
The Hunted
Hunting for Some Sense
C.A. Wolski 3/14/03
The Horror... the Horror
C.A. Wolski 3/21/03
No Pulp In Panama
Scott Holleran 3/28/03
The Core
A 21st Century Journey to the Center of the Earth
C.A. Wolski 3/28/03
Phone Booth
A Ring of Greatness Unanswered
C.A. Wolski 4/4/03
Anger Management
Anti-Hero Management
Scott Holleran 4/11/03
Bulletproof Monk
A Bullet Ridden Plot
C.A. Wolski 4/16/03
A Mighty Wind
Satire Lite
C.A. Wolski 4/16/03
X2: X-Men United
All Action, No Evolution
C.A. Wolski 5/2/03
Down with Love
Down With Love Stinks
Scott Holleran 5/9/03
The Matrix Reloaded
Reloaded but Unfinished
C.A. Wolski 5/15/03
Bruce Almighty
Submission to Oh, God
Scott Holleran 5/23/03
Finding Nemo
Finding a New Family Classic
C.A. Wolski 5/30/03
The Italian Job
A Caper Movie Italian Style
C.A. Wolski 5/30/03
2 Fast 2 Furious
Neither Fast Nor Furious
C.A. Wolski 6/6/03
Whale Rider
A Whale of a Tale
C.A. Wolski 6/6/03
Hollywood Homicide
Hollywood K.I.A.
C.A. Wolski 6/13/03
The Introspective Hulk
Scott Holleran 6/20/03
28 Days Later
When Bogeymen Walk the Earth
C.A. Wolski 6/27/03
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
Full Throttle Fun
C.A. Wolski 6/27/03
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde
Gidget Goes to Washington
Scott Holleran 7/2/03
Swimming Pool
A Literate Thriller
C.A. Wolski 7/2/03
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Don't Be Back
Scott Holleran 7/2/03
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
A Theme Park’s Thrill Put to Screen
Scott Holleran 7/9/03
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Extraordinarily Dull
C.A. Wolski 7/11/03
Johnny English
Barney Fife Meets James Bond
C.A. Wolski 7/18/03
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
A Derivative Raider
C.A. Wolski 7/25/03
Three Men and a Horse
Scott Holleran 7/25/03
American Wedding
Too Much Pie?
C.A. Wolski 8/1/03
Action by the Numbers
C.A. Wolski 8/8/03
Freddy Vs. Jason
The Horror, the Horror...
C.A. Wolski 8/15/03
Open Range
Costner's Last Stand
Scott Holleran 8/15/03
Uptown Girls
Breakfast at J.C. Penney's
Scott Holleran 8/15/03
The Battle of Shaker Heights
Teenage Battle Fatigue
Scott Holleran 8/22/03
The Medallion
he Road from Hong Kong
Scott Holleran 8/22/03
Lost in Translation
Sleepless in Tokyo
C.A. Wolski 9/12/03
Matchstick Men
A Caper with Character
C.A. Wolski 9/12/03
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
A Fistful of Pesos
Scott Holleran 9/12/03
So Close
Charlie's Angels Hong Kong Style
C.A. Wolski 9/12/03
Bubba Ho-Tep
Elvis Meets the Mummy
C.A. Wolski 9/19/03
Cold Creek Manor
Basic Scary Movie
Scott Holleran 9/19/03
The Fighting Temptations
Singin' in Purgatory
Scott Holleran 9/19/03
Secondhand Lions
The Boy Who Would Be King
Scott Holleran 9/19/03
Defanged and Declawed
C.A. Wolski 9/19/03
The Rundown
Rock Solid Gold
C.A. Wolski 9/26/03
Under the Tuscan Sun
A Little Sunburn
Scott Holleran 9/26/03
School of Rock
Rock and Roll Detention
C.A. Wolski 10/3/03
Intolerable Cruelty
Intolerably Confused
C.A. Wolski 10/10/03
Kill Bill Vol. 1
The Ultimate Revenge Flick
C.A. Wolski 10/10/03
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Rusty Chainsaw
C.A. Wolski 10/17/03
Scary Movie 3
Few Signs of Laughs
C.A. Wolski 10/24/03
The Human Stain
Stained Glass
Scott Holleran 10/31/03
The Matrix Revolutions
Nothing Revolutionary
C.A. Wolski 11/5/03
A Surreal Christmas Story
C.A. Wolski 11/7/03
Love Actually
Smug Actually
Scott Holleran 11/7/03
Anything But Love
Imitation of Larger-Than-Life
Scott Holleran 11/14/03
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
A Listless Adventure
C.A. Wolski 11/14/03
21 Grams
A Heavy Trip
C.A. Wolski 11/21/03
The Cat in the Hat
Scat in the Hat
Scott Holleran 11/21/03
Bad Santa
Naughty to the Bone
C.A. Wolski 11/26/03
The Haunted Mansion
Harmless Thrills and Chills
C.A. Wolski 11/26/03
In America
In The Name Of The Brother
Scott Holleran 11/26/03
The Missing
Missing a Purpose
C.A. Wolski 11/26/03
The Last Samurai
West Meets East
C.A. Wolski 12/5/03
Big Fish
On Burton's Pond
Scott Holleran 12/10/03
Something's Gotta Give
Fun With Diane and Jack
Scott Holleran 12/12/03
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
A Decent End to An Epic Trilogy
Sean Saulsbury 12/17/03
Calendar Girls
The Half Monty
Scott Holleran 12/19/03
House of Sand and Fog
Death is Beautiful
Scott Holleran 12/19/03
Mona Lisa Smile
Scott Holleran 12/19/03
Cheaper by the Dozen
Twelve Angry Kids
Scott Holleran 12/25/03
Cold Mountain
A Dull Spectacle
C.A. Wolski 12/25/03
Minimum Wage Thriller
C.A. Wolski 12/25/03
Peter Pan
Wendy's Wonderful World
Scott Holleran 12/25/03
The Young Black Stallion (IMAX)
The Black is Back
Scott Holleran 12/25/03
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