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Hart's War
Beyond Honor, Beyond Belief
Sean Saulsbury 2/15/02
We Were Soldiers
A Salute to Those Who Fought in Vietnam
Sean Saulsbury 3/1/02
Kissing Jessica Stein
Kissing to be Clever
Scott Holleran 3/13/02
Ice Age
Cartoonish Comedy Makes a Cool Adventure
Scott Holleran 3/15/02
The Rookie
Feel-Good, but Flawed
Sean Saulsbury 3/29/02
High Crimes
High Crimes Puts Judd in Jeopardy
Scott Holleran 4/5/02
Murder by Numbers
Wanna-be Rope
Sean Saulsbury 4/19/02
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Who's Wedding Is It, Anyway?
Scott Holleran 4/19/02
The Scorpion King
Fastened to Formula
Scott Holleran 4/19/02
Comics Action Is a Solid Pleaser
Scott Holleran 5/3/02
The Sum of All Fears
Tom Clancy’s Clunker
Scott Holleran 5/31/02
Undercover Brother
Watch out Austin Powers, here comes the Undercover Brother
Sean Saulsbury 5/31/02
Bad Company
Sum of All Fears Meets Undercover Brother in Bad Company
Sean Saulsbury 6/7/02
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Giggles with the Golden Girls
Scott Holleran 6/7/02
The Bourne Identity
A Star is Bourne
Scott Holleran 6/14/02
War Movie Fatigue
Sean Saulsbury 6/14/02
Juwanna Mann
Dribbling in Drag
Scott Holleran 6/21/02
Lilo & Stitch
'Ohana' Means Family
Sean Saulsbury 6/21/02
Minority Report
Petty Larceny
C.A. Wolski 6/21/02
Mr. Deeds
Half Stupid, Half Sweet
Sean Saulsbury 6/28/02
Men in Black II
Can Somebody Please Flashy-Thing Me?
Billy Reeves 7/3/02
Me Without You
Me Without Me
Scott Holleran 7/5/02
Halloween: Resurrection
Sometimes Dead is Better
Billy Reeves 7/12/02
Reign of Fire
Refreshingly Straightforward
C.A. Wolski 7/12/02
Road to Perdition
A Mob Movie Gone Good
Sean Saulsbury 7/12/02
Eight Legged Freaks
Not so Itsy-Bitsy Entertainment
Billy Reeves 7/17/02
K-19: The Widowmaker
Please Pass the Iodine Pills
Sean Saulsbury 7/19/02
Austin Powers in Goldmember
Insert Corny Catch Phrase Here, Baby!
Billy Reeves 7/26/02
The Master of Disguise
Who's Your Daddy??
Billy Reeves 8/2/02
At Last, a Sign
C.A. Wolski 8/2/02
The Good Girl
Retail Roulette
Billy Reeves 8/7/02
Blood Work
Cardiac Arrest
Billy Reeves 8/9/02
The Name is X... Triple X.
C.A. Wolski 8/9/02
Blue Crush
Missing the Wave
C.A. Wolski 8/16/02
Possession (2002)
Love Letters
Billy Reeves 8/16/02
One Hour Photo
Say Cheese!
Billy Reeves 8/21/02
Serving Sara
Smile, You’ve Just Been Served
Billy Reeves 8/23/02
City by the Sea
An Unpassable Failure
C.A. Wolski 9/6/02
Drowning in Predictability
Billy Reeves 9/6/02
Igby Goes Down
Richie Glitch
Billy Reeves 9/13/02
The Banger Sisters
A Lot Of Heart, A Little Script
Billy Reeves 9/20/02
The Four Feathers
Muddled Feathers
C.A. Wolski 9/20/02
Spirited Away
An Artistic Masterpiece
C.A. Wolski 9/20/02
Sweet Home Alabama
Dixie Flick
Scott Holleran 9/27/02
The Tuxedo
Dull-Dressed Man
Brandon Gray 9/27/02
Red Dragon
Less is More
Billy Reeves 10/4/02
The Rules of Attraction
Dawson’s Bleak
Billy Reeves 10/11/02
The Transporter
All Action
C.A. Wolski 10/11/02
Abandon Ship
Billy Reeves 10/18/02
Auto Focus
Focusing on Obsession
C.A. Wolski 10/18/02
The Ring
Ring Around Naomi
Scott Holleran 10/18/02
Jackass: The Movie
Don't Try This at Home
Billy Reeves 10/25/02
The Truth About Charlie
Charlie: A Fair, But Inferior Remake
C.A. Wolski 10/25/02
Attack of the Clones: The IMAX Experience (IMAX)
For a Fan's Eyes Only
Billy Reeves 11/1/02
8 Mile
Keepin' it Gangsta
Billy Reeves 11/8/02
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Second Time's a Charm
Billy Reeves 11/15/02
Die Another Day
Shaken, not Stirred
C.A. Wolski 11/22/02
The Quiet American
A Quiet Thriller
C.A. Wolski 11/22/02
Solar Energy Crisis
Scott Holleran 11/27/02
About Schmidt
A Life of Quiet Desperation
C.A. Wolski 12/13/02
Star Trek: Nemesis
A Spectacular TV Special
Larry Salzman 12/13/02
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
A Rousing Continuation...
C.A. Wolski 12/18/02
Antwone Fisher
Finding Fish, Striking Gold
C.A. Wolski 12/19/02
Catch Me If You Can
Catching a Great Movie Ride
C.A. Wolski 12/25/02
Chicago Stands Tall
Scott Holleran 12/27/02
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Delusions of an Unlived Life
C.A. Wolski 12/31/02
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