'Jurassic' Rex Records

by Keith Simanton

June 22, 2015

Universal has confirmed that not only has Jurassic World retained its #1 position at the weekend box office it now holds the top spot for 2nd weekend grosses with $106.6M, beating former record holder Marvel's The Avengers and its $103.1M in 2012.

Jurassic World will also perform the stunning feat of crossing $1B at the worldwide box office today after just 13 days, beating the previous record holder, Universal's Furious 7, and its record of 17 days just two months ago.

With velociraptor rapacity World has also overtaken several other records, reaching $400M in domestic box office, passing the milestone in only 10 days, and overrunning the $500 million mark internationally on Saturday, marking the quickest climb to that milestone, in only 11 days.

Consequently, the team at Universal Pictures can lay claim to being the studio to have reached $1B at the domestic box office, $2B at the international box office; and $3B at the worldwide box office in the shortest amount of time. In fact the worldwide box office grosses have reached $3.819B, besting the company's previously established record of $3.691B in 2013, making 2015 the studio's highest-grossing year in its 103-year history, with six months left in the year. It did so with Fifty Shades of Grey, Furious 7, Pitch Perfect 2m, and now Jurassic World. The record for worldwide grosses in a year is still held by 20th Century Fox who reached $5.5B just last year.

Inside Out didn't quite make it to $91M, settling for $90.4M but still making it Pixar's 2nd largest opening weekend, behind Toy Story 3 ($110.3M in 2010).

Spy performed better than estimated earlier, declining only -28.1% (was -32.8%) for third place and an $11.2 (was $10.4M) take.

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