Friday Report: 'Super 8' Launches with $12 Million

by Brandon Gray
Super 8

June 11, 2011

On Friday, Super 8 arrived with neither a whimper nor a bang. After months of hype, the trumped-up J.J. Abrams-Steven Spielberg production was rather uneventful.

Super 8 collected an estimated $12.2 million on approximately 5,500 screens at 3,379 locations, after making an additional $1 million with its Thursday Twitter sneaks. While that was two thirds of The Karate Kid's $18.8 million on the same Friday last year and less than Cloverfield's $17.2 million, it was comparable to The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)'s $11.6 million and a bit under The Happening's $13.1 million and Battle: Los Angeles's $13.4 million.

Distributor Paramount Pictures' exit polling indicated that 71 percent of Super 8's audience was over 25 years old and 56 percent was male. The studio noted that the movie's B+ CinemaScore was the same as True Grit and Bridesmaids, trying to send the message that Super 8 should have staying power, even though those movies aren't apples-to-apples comparisons in terms of genre (or release date). But, in general, a "B+" from opening night moviegoers is not a good score nor is it a positive indicator.

Speaking of Bridesmaids, the comedy had its smallest Friday-to-Friday drop yet and, again, the best hold among nationwide releases. It eased just 17 percent to an estimated $3.05 million, lifting its tally to a sensational $116.8 million in 29 days.

X-Men: First Class ranked second with an estimated $7.6 million, retreating 65 percent from last Friday. That was a better Friday-to-Friday fall than X-Men Origins: Wolverine's 76 percent and X-Men: The Last Stand's 77 percent and close to the first X-Men's 66 percent. Still, First Class's $81.5 million eight-day tally trailed all of its predecessors, and the disparity was only exacerbated in terms of estimated attendance.

Based on past comparable movies, Super 8 will likely come in at around $35 million for the weekend, while X-Men: First Class's trajectory points to around $24 million.

The Hangover Part II crossed the $200 million mark in just 16 days. The comedy sequel made an estimated $5.7 million on Friday, down 46 percent. It's losing steam at a much faster rate than The Hangover and has been trailing its predecessor by a wide margin on a daily basis since last Sunday. With $203.8 million in the till, Hangover II will surpass Fast Five today to become the top-grossing movie of 2011 so far.

Kung Fu Panda 2 bounced back somewhat with its 28 percent Friday-to-Friday decline, which was a better hold than Kung Fu Panda, Shrek Forever After and Madagascar at the same point. The animated sequel grabbed an estimated $4.6 million, slotting fourth, but its $114.9 million 16-day haul still lagged behind those comparable movies.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides also crossed the $200 million mark on Friday, its 22nd day. It edged out Bridesmaids on Friday with an estimated $3.1 million, off 39 percent from last Friday.

Newcomer Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer landed in seventh with a soft estimated $2.2 million at 2,524 locations, while Midnight in Paris expanded nationwide, ranking eighth. The Woody Allen movie made an okay $1.6 million at 944 locations, bringing its tally to $9.7 million in 22 days. However, it is on track to having Allen's highest-grossing single weekend ever.

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