Friday Report: 'Hall Pass' Gets One-Day Lead

by Brandon Gray
Hall Pass

February 26, 2011

Hall Pass led a tepid Friday at the box office, while Drive Angry was ditched. Gnomeo and Juliet ranked fourth but is likely to surge ahead on Saturday and Sunday to the top the weekend as a whole.

With an estimated $4.6 million on approximately 3,500 screens at 2,950 locations, Hall Pass was a bit of a softy compared to similar movies. Its showing was slightly better than Drillbit Taylor and a bit lower than Hot Tub Time Machine, and its gross was in the same range as the last two Farrelly Bros. movies, The Heartbreak Kid and Fever Pitch, albeit with less attendance.

Drive Angry clocked a mere estimated $1.6 million on close to 2,500 screens at 2,290 locations, ranking ninth for the day, and a previous Nicolas Cage driving movie will describe its run: Gone in 60 Seconds. The last Cage movie, Season of the Witch, made $3.8 million on its first day, and Drive Angry's start was also weaker than the likes of Jonah Hex and Punisher: War Zone. Its 3D presentations at 2,223 locations accounted for 96 percent of business.

Among holdovers, Unknown slotted second with an estimated $3.9 million, bringing its tally to $34.3 million in eight days. Off 43 percent Friday-to-Friday, the Liam Neeson thriller lost further ground to Taken, which held better and had made $39.3 million through the same point. Just Go With It ranked third with an estimated $3.24 million, easing 38 percent from last Friday and continuing to lag behind 50 First Dates with a $71.5 million sum in 15 days.

Gnomeo and Juliet retreated just 26 percent to an estimated $3.16 million, lifting its tally to $64.1 million in 15 days and out-pacing Coraline among other by a wide margin. It wasn't that far behind the Top Three, and, being a kids movie, could make up the difference and then some on Saturday and Sunday: its projecting out to over $13 million for the weekend, which would likely be enough to eke out a victory over Hall Pass.

In fifth, I Am Number Four was slightly behind Gnomeo with an estimated $3.14 million. It descended 50 percent, which was a better hold than Jumper in its second Friday, but its total stands at a relatively meager $29.8 million in eight days.

A new fan-oriented edition may have helped Justin Bieber: Never Say Never deliver an excellent third Friday hold. Bieber was down only 30 percent to an estimated $2.65 million, and, with $56.2 million in 15 days, he has edged out Hannah Montana's total through the same point.

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son stumbled more than its predecessors in its second Friday, dropping 58 percent to an estimated $2 million for a $23 million eight-day haul. The major Oscar contenders, on the other hand, mostly saw upticks, led again by The King's Speech. Speech was up 27 percent from last Friday to an estimated $1.9 million, increasing its sum to a stellar $108.8 million in 92 days.

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