MPAA Ratings: 'For Colored Girls,' 'Tangled'

by Ray Subers
For Colored Girls

October 13, 2010

The Motion Picture Association of America's Classification and Ratings Administration released their weekly ratings bulletin this morning, which included marks for Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls and Disney's Tangled. Missing from the document was the widely-reported but still technically unofficial NC-17 rating for Ryan Gosling-Michelle Williams drama Blue Valentine.

For Colored Girls received an R rating for "some disturbing violence including a rape, sexual content and language." Perry's first eight features were all awarded PG-13 ratings, so this appears to be a step in a darker direction (it's also the first time Perry has adapted someone else's work). For Colored Girls opens Nov. 5 opposite Due Date and Megamind.

Tangled earned a PG for "brief mild violence." Such a rating is a rarity for Disney animated movies. Historically, most of them have been branded G. Tangled is set to debut over Thanksgiving weekend against Burlesque, Faster and Love and Other Drugs.

Two other noteworthy movies that aren't currently on the release schedule also received ratings this week. Robert Redford's The Conspirator, about the trial of the woman accused of helping to plan Abraham Lincoln's assassination, was rated PG-13 for "some violent content." Period drama The Way Back, which is Peter Weir's first feature since Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World in 2003, was also rated PG-13 for "violent content, depiction of physical hardships, a nude image and brief strong language." It appears that The Way Back will likely see a limited release before the end of the year, while The Conspirator will probably wait until early 2011 before hitting screens.

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