Arthouse Audit: 'Catfish' Continues to Grow

by Ray Subers

October 4, 2010

While The Social Network opened in first place on the overall weekend chart, the other "Facebook movie," Catfish, topped limited releases for the second weekend in a row. Bollywood movie Anjaana Anjaani had a solid second place debut, and documentary Waiting for Superman expanded and nearly tripled its take from last weekend.

more than doubled its theater count to 136 and was up 30 percent to $590,177. That was good enough for 14th place on the overall weekend chart. While Catfish's per-theater average eased to $4,340, the mysterious documentary seems to have enough momentum to facilitate further expansion to add to its $1.62 million total.

Bollywood romantic comedy Anjaana Anjaani finished in 15th place on the overall chart with $517,608 at 91 locations. This was about average for a Bollywood movie though it was slightly off from Dabangg, which debuted to $628,137 at fewer theaters last month.

Waiting for Superman
expanded to 34 theaters (up from four last weekend) and earned $408,873 for a weekend-best per theater average of $12,026. Director Davis Guggenheim's An Inconvenient Truth had a slightly larger second weekend expansion so it's hard to draw a direct comparison, though it's worth pointing out that Truth had thus far made $1.9 million compared to Superman's $601,607.

Mao's Last Dancer
continued to hold well, down four percent to $263,534 at 137 locations for a total of $3.42 million.

Woody Allen's You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger improved 34 percent to $215,131 at 29 theaters (up from six last weekend). So far, it's following a nearly identical release pattern to last year's Whatever Works, which had made $738,969 through its second weekend at a few more locations. Tall Dark Stranger, on the other hand, is at $501,616 in 12 days.

A few other new movies hit theaters this weekend, though none of them were very impressive. Horror movie Chain Letter inexplicably launched in over 400 theaters and earned just $138,788, translating to a miserable $342 per-theater average. Hatchet 2 also had a meak debut, grossing $52,604 at 68 locations. This was a little over half of what Hatchet opened to in 2007, though that was playing at 93 theaters. Documentary Freakonomics, based on the best-selling book, debuted to $31,893 at 20 venues, while foreign romance Leaving arrived in two theaters and earned $12,697. Shorts compilation Nine Nation Animation and comedy Douchebag each opened in one theater, making an estimated $3,000 and $2,966, respectively.

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