Friday Report: 'Expendables' Out-Muscle Wimpy New Movies

by Brandon Gray
The Expendables

August 21, 2010

On Friday, The Expendables held enough ground to lead the box office again, due to five new nationwide releases posting modest numbers. Vampires Suck drew more blood in its third day than Lottery Ticket, Piranha 3D, The Switch and Nanny McPhee Returns in their first days, but none were compelling.

The Expendables claimed just under $5 million, retreating 63 percent Friday-to-Friday, which lifted its total to $53.3 million in eight days. While the picture held better than Rambo (with more than double the gross), it slid further behind Inglourious Basterds, which fell 59 percent at the same point last August, grossing $5.8 million for a $59.6 million eight-day haul.

Vampires Suck nabbed an estimated $4.4 million on approximately 3,400 screens at 3,233 locations, bringing its tally to $10.8 million in three days. Among recent spoof-style movies, that was a step up from Dance Flick and Superhero Movie and more than double Disaster Movie, though it trailed Meet the Spartans and Epic Movie.

Lottery Ticket fared relatively better than the other new releases with an estimated $3.9 million on around 2,200 screens at 1,973 locations. That was nearly as much as The Longshots made in its first weekend in Aug. 2008, and it more than doubled the opening day of The Cookout. However, it was a far cry from the Barbershop movies.

Eat Pray Love tumbled 56 percent in its second Friday to an estimated $3.75 million. Last August, Julie & Julia held better, dipping 44 percent to $3.65 million. Eat Pray Love, though, still had an advantage in its total with $38.9 million in eight days.

Despite having around 85 percent of its screens in 3D, Piranha 3D packed little bite, grabbing an estimated $3.6 million on close to 2,600 screens at 2,470 locations. That was a bit better than Splice's $2.7 million first day earlier this summer, but it was much less-attended than Snakes on a Plane and Lake Placid among past tongue-in-cheek creature features. It even sold fewer tickets than Eight Legged Freaks. This type of picture typically doesn't find much of an audience in theaters.

In its third Friday, The Other Guys fared about as well as Step Brothers, slowing 47 percent to an estimated $3 million. Its sum stands at $81.1 million in 15 days.

The Switch and Nanny McPhee Returns each made around $2.7 million. Playing at 2,012 locations, The Switch was well behind The Back-Up Plan and a bit less than Love Happens as well. Nanny McPhee Returns trailed its predecessor's $3.6 million first day, and the difference was exacerbated considering the franchise's switch from January to August.

Meanwhile, Inception held well again, down 36 percent to an estimated $2.16 million for a big $256.3 million sum in 36 days. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World caved 64 percent in its second Friday, making an estimated $1.6 million for a $17.3 million eight-day tally. Its drop was about the same as the higher-grossing Kick-Ass.

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