Friday Report: 'Toy Story 3' Still Strong, 'Grown Ups' Standard, 'Knight' Soft

by Brandon Gray

June 26, 2010

Toy Story 3 presided over the Friday box office again, while Grown Ups delivered a typical Adam Sandler start and Knight & Day posted another relatively soft number.

Toy Story 3 pulled in an estimated $18 million, down 56 percent Friday-to-Friday. Though steep, the drop wasn't excessive, considering the level of initial interest and how strongly the picture's been playing on the weekdays. WALL-E fell 61 percent at the same point, but that's not apples-to-apples because its second Friday landed on the business-suppressing July 4 holiday. More comparable would be Cars, and it slowed 53 percent in its second Friday. Toy Story 3's total stands at $185.6 million, charting as the eighth highest-grossing eight-day opening of all time.

Grown Ups bagged an estimated $14.5 million on approximately 5,100 screens at 3,534 locations. Despite the additions of Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider, that was within the normal range for an Adam Sandler comedy, suggesting that the movie's weekend will come in at around $40 million. Sandler's last late June release, Click, grossed $14.4 million its first Friday (although attendance was greater). Grown Ups' opening day attendance was about the same as Sandler and James' I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

Knight & Day scooped up an estimated $6.35 million on around 4,100 screens at 3,098 locations, increasing its total to $13.6 million in three days. The action comedy's first Friday was a bit better than the similar Killers' $5.67 million from earlier this month, though it was less than The Bounty Hunter's $7.64 million. For star Tom Cruise, Knight & Day is a far cry from his last summer action spectacle, Mission: Impossible III, and it is shaping up to be one of his lesser launches in a leading role.

The Karate Kid made an estimated $4.7 million, taking another standard hit of 47 percent, and its sum rose to $124.9 million in 11 days. The A-Team retreated 57 percent to an estimated $1.8 million, tallying $58.7 million in 15 days. Meanwhile, Jonah Hex fell into the abyss in its second Friday, down 74 percent to an estimated $500,000 for a mere $8 million total in eight days.

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