Friday Report: ‘Hangover,’ ‘Up’ Stay on Top

by Brandon Gray
Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper in The Hangover

June 13, 2009

The party didn't stop for The Hangover, which led Friday with an estimated $10.4 million. The comedy was off 38 percent from last Friday, increasing its gross to $82.4 million in eight days. By comparison, Wedding Crashers saw a smaller drop at the same point (28 percent) but was grossing less with an eight-day tally of around $70 million, adjusted for ticket price inflation. Hangover's trajectory suggests a weekend of around $32 million, which would be enough for the top spot.

Coming in second with the smallest dip of all nationwide releases (32 percent), Up generated an estimated $8.9 million, growing its total to $165.5 million in 15 days. Pixar's comedy adventure has set a course for a third weekend in the vicinity of $29 million.

Debuting in third, The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 brought in an estimated $8.2 million on approximately 4,400 screens at 3,074 sites. The action thriller featuring Denzel Washington and John Travolta was within the typical range for a Washington thriller but packed less out of the gate than Inside Man and Man on Fire among others adjusted for ticket price inflation. Taking's headed for a $25 million weekend.

Meanwhile, Imagine That opened at about the same level as the last Eddie Murphy family comedy, Meet Dave, mustering an estimated $1.8 million on around 3,200 screens at 3,008 sites. Its weekend should come in at around $5 million.

Among other holdovers, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian had a decent drop, off 36 percent to an estimated $3 million for a $136.8 million tally in 22 days. Land of the Lost, on the other hand, lost 59 percent to an estimated $2.9 million, bringing its total to $28.7 million in eight days. Star Trek held well, down 37 percent to an estimated $1.6 million, and reached $228 million in 36 days, while Terminator Salvation, Drag Me to Hell and others saw standard declines.

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