Around the World Roundup: Softy 'Beowulf' Wins Another Weekend

by Conor Bresnan
A scene from Beowulf
December 6, 2007

As the world geared up for The Golden Compass, Beowulf managed one more week at the top of the foreign box office. The computer-generated fantasy grossed $19.5 million from 60 territories and pushed its total to $75 million.

Most of Beowulf's openings underperformed. In Japan, its $1.7 million from 267 screens ranked third and, in Brazil, it made $1.1 million from 299, which was less than half of what 300 debuted earlier this year. It also disappointed in New Zealand ($290,821 from 60) and Sweden ($191,340 from 45), but it was much better in Australia ($1.9 million from 269 screens) and Turkey ($810,358 from 139), each thumping Eragon among past similar movies. The movie's holdovers were, for the most part, poor. It tumbled 56 percent in Denmark, 48 percent in France and 55 percent in Germany.

Rising to second and benefiting greatly from its debut in France was Enchanted, which conjured $12 million from 17 markets for a $21.4 million early tally. The fantasy comedy opened $5.5 million from 659 screens in France, more than doubling fellow starters The Heartbreak Kid and We Own the Night and higher than the past debut of Night at the Museum. Enchanted also recorded two impressive starts in Malaysia ($613,667 from 50) and Portugal ($253,381 from 55) and didn't fall more than 40 percent in any of its holdover markets.

Hitman was modest in third with $10.7 million from 29 markets, most of which were new. Aside from a good $2.5 million start from 370 screens in Russia, Hitman was average. In the United Kingdom, it came in second with $2.6 million from 349 screens while, in Mexico, it earned $694,875 from 285 screens. Hitman will strike most of its markets throughout this month.

Despite only one opening (in Untied Arab Emirates with $281,922), American Gangster ranked fourth on the international chart with $6.9 million from 17 countries for a $40.8 million total. It held better than 40 percent in all but one market and improved its U.K. total to $15.8 million.

Ranking fifth with $6.8 million, The Heartbreak Kid arrived way beneath Enchanted in France yet still earned $2 million from 319 screens. It was another solid opening in a solid campaign with has grossed $71.9 million this far.

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