Around the World Roundup: 'At World's End' Dominates Again

by Conor Bresnan
Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
June 5, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End commanded the foreign box office chart again with an estimated $105.4 million weekend. With $408.8 million in the till, it became the fastest picture ever to cross the $400 million mark.

Breaking the supernatural swashbuckler's weekend down, it opened in only one market, India. Its $2.1 million start there from 318 screens topped the combined openings of its predecessors. In holdover markets, Pirates did not have a consistent drop-off rate with results ranging from Estonia's 63 percent plunge to Japan's 22 percent drop.

In Japan At World's End snared $9.6 million in its second weekend from 873 screens for an impressive $36 million total. In the United Kingdom, it was down 60 percent to $10.7 million for a $58 million total. Other major market grosses include France's $7.6 million weekend (off 57 percent for a $30.2 million total), Germany's $9.6 million (down 49 percent for a $37.7 million total) and Australia's $5.2 million weekend (off 47 percent for a $17.6 million total).

Results have been excellent so far and have put At World's End in a position to out-gross both of its predecessors. Southeast Asia was particularly impressive over the weekend. Movies traditionally see huge second weekend drop-offs in the region, but At World's End held better than the norm. In Malaysia, it fell 45 percent ($3.1 million total) despite Shrek the Third's $572,241 opening from 49 screens. It was off 53 percent in Thailand ($1.5 million total) against local blockbuster Teng Nong Khon Ma Hear's $1.5 million opening. In Singapore, it lost the top spot to Shrek the Third, yet still managed a $655,886 weekend for a $2.8 million total.

A scene from Shrek the Third
Shrek the Third added four markets over the weekend, all in Asia, amounting to $4.3 million for a $28 million total. Its highlight was Singapore, where it set a new animation opening weekend record of $1.2 million from 30 screens. It also opened in Thailand to a decent if not disappointing $340,896 from 46 screens. Shrek the Third will enter 14 more markets nest weekend, including Australia and South Korea.

Despite Shrek the Third's opening territories, Spider-Man 3 maintained second place with a $12.5 million weekend from 105 territories. The superhero sequel's $526.6 million total makes it the 12th highest-grossing international release of all time. The picture continues to play well in France ($1.1 million fifth weekend), Japan ($1.6 million) and the United Kingdom ($1.2 million), and its even picked up $196,236 from just two screens through four weeks in the new and war-torn market of Sri Lanka.

Third place went to Zodiac, which bagged $6 million from 39 markets over the weekend for a $26.6 million total. The movie's new territories were not as good as its previous ones, including Germany's moderate $810,000 debut from 150 prints, Mexico's $336,000 from 150 screens and Brazil's so-so $287,000 from 60 prints. The thriller continued to do well in France, where it's now at $7 million. Its next major opening is Japan on June 16.

Opening for the first time overseas was Grindhouse. However, the three-plus hour production has been split in two internationally, where the history of 1970s "grindhouse" theatres is lacking. First off in most markets is Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof, which has been lengthened from its American version. In Italy, the car chase feature recorded a second-ranked $1.2 million from 343 screens, which was 33 percent lower than Kill Bill Vol. 2's opening in 2004. Death Proof also entered Denmark with a third-place $77,008 from 32 screens. Death Proof opens nearly everywhere in the next three months while its domestic companion, Planet Terror, has its first opening in Russia in three weeks.

Opening day-and-date with its domestic release in two markets, Mr. Brooks made little noise. The thriller ranked second in Turkey with a solid $162,941 gross from 77 screens but was in fourth place in Argentina with just $70,693 from 25. Mr. Brooks opens around the world sporadically over the coming months.

Also debuting in the foreign market was Wedding Daze. The romantic comedy, set for an Aug. 17 release domestically, opened in second place in the U.K. with $1.6 million from 344 screens. The comedy was recently added to the June schedule as counter-programming to At World's End.

Ghost Rider finished its foreign campaign in China. The comic book movie opened on Sunday and its one-day weekend tally was $892,275 from 337 screens, a fantastic start for a single day. The picture's international tally stands at $109.9 million, and its top countries are the U.K. ($9.2 million), Russia ($7.8 million), Spain ($7.4 million), Mexico ($7.3 million) and Brazil ($7 million).

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