Around the World Roundup: Another Notch for 'Ghost Rider'

by Conor Bresnan
A scene from Ghost Rider
March 5, 2007

The international box office suffered further decay as Ghost Rider continued to lend little excitement and 2006 holdovers have been quickly petering out. Once again, Ghost Rider led the way with a $16.3 million weekend, pushing its total to $61.6 million. Debuting in the United Kingdom, it ranked behind Hot Fuzz's third weekend with $3.6 million from 302 screens, which was only slightly higher than Daredevil's 2003 opening. In Japan, it reaped a measly $1.1 million from 244 screens, ranking fourth. However, in Brazil, it snared one of its best launches to date with $1.9 million from 302 screens.

Second place went to Night at the Museum with an estimated $6.9 million. A third of that was from France, where the family comedy made $2.3 million in its fourth weekend for a $15.1 million total. With only Japan left (March 17), it has grossed $280 million overall.

The Pursuit of Happyness nabbed third, reinvigorated by South Korea's $1.9 million debut from 140 screens. Overall, the Will Smith drama had a $6.5 million weekend for a $124.7 million total.

South Korea was also a highlight for Music and Lyrics, where the romantic comedy earned a surprising $2.1 million from 127 prints, ranking first (a feat uncommonly seen by non-Korean productions). Along with Brazil's $465,000, Music had a solid $6.5 million weekend overall for a $32.1 million total.

Fifth place was uncertain as numbers from France were not yet available. Local titles La Vie en Rose and Taxi 4 are having tremendous runs with around $23 million apiece as of last Tuesday.

Fueled by Asia, Dreamgirls climbed to $37.7 million after a $5.7 million weekend. In its third session in Japan, the musical was down 18 percent for a $9.2 million total, and in South Korea it was off 23 percent in its second weekend for a $3.4 million total. Among openings, the picture made a respectable $1.4 million from 349 screens in France and grabbed $308,596 in Belgium.

Revitalizing Borat's foreign campaign was Italy's first place $3 million opening from 407 screens. The mockumentary unseated local heavyweights Saturno contro ($5.9 million total) and Notte prima degli esami - Oggi ($14.5 million) and bested such past titles as Wedding Crashers and Fun with Dick and Jane. With others markets added in, Borat cashed $3.7 million overall for a $125.6 million total.

Early in its foreign campaign, Bridge to Terabithia has been average, grossing $3.6 million over the weekend for a $7.8 million total. The fantasy drama opened in first place in Spain with $1.8 million from 289 screens but mustered a mere fourth place in Germany with a meager $671,186 from 280 screens.

Bombing in its first two international markets, Freedom Writers opened to $115,770 from 134 screens in Mexico and $453,659 from 228 in the U.K.

After its Best Picture Oscar win, The Departed re-expanded and the results were about as good as can be expected for a picture that's been out since October, yielding $2.3 million for a $151.5 million total.

International Box Office Results

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