Around the World Roundup: 'Ghost Rider' Holds On

by Conor Bresnan
A scene from Ghost Rider
February 26, 2007

The international box office sagged over the weekend, and Ghost Rider led the way again with a moderate $16 million, lifting its total to $40.1 million. Top-ranked debuts like Germany's $2.3 million or Peru's $125,516 weren't spectacular, but didn't disappoint either. The comic book adaptation also opened in France, earning about $3 million from 426 screens. Thus far, Ghost Rider has been a respectable earner with predictable drops in its second weekend, including 47 percent slides in Australia and Russia. Though the picture has debuted in 42 territories to date, the bulk of its major markets are still ahead.

Night at the Museum lacked any new markets, but strong holds in France and Hong Kong helped the picture gross $9.6 million for a $268 million total. After a sensational debut in Hong Kong last weekend, Museum was off a mere six percent to $1.1 million take for a sizable $4.1 million tally. France contributed $2.4 million in its third weekend, while China only accounted for $643,000 in its second weekend.

Holding onto the top spot in the United Kingdom, Hot Fuzz grossed $6.5 million in its second weekend, down 24 percent. That doubled the opening of The Number 23 (which grabbed a fair $3.2 million) and pushed its total to $23.3 million.

Proving to be adequate counter-programming, Music & Lyrics grossed a solid $6.3 million last weekend. The romantic comedy debuted behind two local movies in Italy with $1.7 million from 341 screens. Also, in Hong Kong, it grabbed $613,000 in its opening from 32 prints, which was on par with past Something's Gotta Give did there. Thanks mainly to star Hugh Grant, Music has been huge in the U.K. with a three-week total of $14 million. Overall, its foreign total improved to $23.4 million.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond
Blood Diamond collected $6.1 million over the weekend and, with $88.1 million in the till, is on its way to $100 million or double its domestic take. The adventure drama's highest grossing country is the U.K. at $13 million, which is its only $10 million plus gross. It hasn't stood out in any particular market but instead has produced good numbers across the globe, appealing with its blend of action and drama and star Leonardo DiCaprio.

Dreamgirls added 11 markets and made $5.5 million over the weekend for a $27.7 million total. Aside from South Korea's superb $1.6 million opening off 110 screens, the musical's debuts were mediocre at best, ranging from Greece's $102,955 to the Netherlands' $369,805. With a $5.4 million total in nine days, Japan will soon become the picture's biggest country.

Leading Australia with $1.7 million from 219 screens, Rocky Balboa had a $3.8 million weekend for a $67.7 million tally overall. Down Under's debut was respectable if disappointing.

Though a tad healthier than last weekend, Letters from Iwo Jima maintained its anemic run. Bolstered by France's modest $744,500 debut from 153 prints, the war drama tabulated $2.7 million overall for a $47.1 million total. In Germany and Australia, however, it opened to a dismal $92,000 and $104,000 opening, respectively.

Early in its run, Norbit lived large in Australia ($1.5 million opening) and Mexico ($1.2 million opening). The comedy also played well in selected Asian markets during the Chinese New Year holiday, especially Taiwan where the nine day total is $1.5 million. Overall, Norbit grossed $3.5 million for the weekend for a $5.6 million total.

International Box Office Results

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