Around the World Roundup: 'Pirates' Parade Continues

by Conor Bresnan
Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
July 25, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest hauled in $60.1 million over the weekend from 35 territories, including 11 openings, and pushed its overall total to $214.1 million.

Headlining Pirates' weekend was Japan, where the picture's $16.9 million debut ranked as the third highest of all time. Unlike most movies of this caliber, Pirates' debut did not include previews making its two-day start all the more impressive.

Two other major markets generated strong returns for Pirates: Mexico yielded $5.7 million, and Brazil contributed $2.8 million. Mexico's opening was the industry's fifth largest ever, while Brazil's doubled Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl's take. The sequel also opened impressively in Poland ($1.5 million), Argentina ($1.2 million), Chile ($1.1 million), Portugal ($925,000) and India ($625,000 from the Hindu-speaking areas only).

Holdover markets filled Dead Man's Chest further. In its third weekend in the United Kingdom, Pirates added $6.9 million for a phenomenal $62.2 million total. In Russia, it saw $5 million in its second outing for a tremendous $20.7 million tally, and, in South Korea, it grossed $2.9 million for a potent $22.5 million total through its third weekend.

Both Superman Returns and Over the Hedge topped $100 million in international sales over the weekend and continue to play strongly. Superman Returns netted $16.4 million for a $110 million total. The superhero struggled in Turkey, though, grossing $373,000 from 149 prints—better than Batman Begins and X-Men but disappointing nonetheless. The movie's only other opening was Israel with $180,000, where the gross was hurt by the shut down of theaters in the north, due to the war with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Superman Returns remained atop France with $2.2 million, down 47 percent for a $7.1 million total. In China, it tumbled 67 percent, sliding into second place with $711,000 from 365 prints. In two weeks, it has made $6 million, while in Hong Kong, where it remained No. 1, it has $2.7 million.

A scene from Over the Hedge
Over the Hedge's $9.6 million weekend was driven by solid third weekends in France and Germany. The animated comedy was off 24 percent in Germany to $2.1 million for an $11.8 million total. It also nabbed $1.2 million in France, down 20 percent. It also had a good start in Belgium with $675,645 from 101 screens.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift grossed $9 million over the weekend, propelling its total to $54.9 million. The action sequel sped past the original in France with a third place debut of $1.9 million from 462 screens. In Spain, it opened in first with a relatively stronger $1.5 million from 217 screens. Most impressive, however, was South Korea's fourth-place $797,369 launch from 150 screens, which topped 2 Fast 2 Furious by 100 percent and was higher than the entire gross of the original ($712,000). Next weekend, it rolls into Hungary and the Netherlands.

Cars kept its steady pace with a $7.6 million weekend, lifting its total to $96.7 million. The Pixar picture's only major opening was in South Korea, where it made a moderate $1.2 million. Next weekend, Cars looks to accelerate its foreign campaign with an anticipated launch in the U.K.

With a buoyant $4.5 million from 374 screens at third place in the U.K., The Break-Up delivered stars Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston their best British openings ever. Overall, the comedy collected $5.3 million for a $31.2 million total.

Jack Black in Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre had its international premiere in Southeast Asia over the weekend. The wrestling comedy was a lightweight in the Philippines with $85,257 from 38 screens, but Singapore's $203,624 from 25 screens showed some promise.

Meanwhile, Mission: Impossible III finally opened in China after numerous delays—it was originally set for early May—to an impressive $2.8 million from 394 screens. In Japan, the action sequel also added $2.5 million from 333 screens in its third weekend for a $29.3 million total. Overall, the picture has racked up $239.7 million.

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