Around the World Roundup: 'Da Vinci' Dominates Again

by Conor Bresnan
Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code
June 6, 2006

Foreign and domestic audiences parted ways again. The Da Vinci Code, though faded stateside, maintained its strength overseas and claimed its third No. 1 weekend in a row. X-Men: The Last Stand has been softer internationally than in North America, and, instead of a shipwreck, Poseidon saw smooth sailing.

The Da Vinci Code dominated the globe with a $51.4 million weekend from 11,607 screens, down 44 percent for a whopping $408.8 million total. The thriller had one debut, in the United Arab Emirates, where it was a resounding No. 1 with $682,737 from 34 screens, despite Muslim and Christian outrage leading nearby nations like Pakistan and Sri Lanka to ban it.

In Italy, Da Vinci Code fell just three percent, nabbing $5.8 million from 894 screens over the country's Republic Day holiday weekend, tallying $31.8 million. It also topped Germany with $6 million for a $37.7 million total, Japan with $6.1 million for a $46.5 million total and Spain with $3.4 million for a $25.5 million total.

Da Vinci Code, however, dove 61 percent in China to a second-place $1.1 million from 393 screens for a $12.5 million total. It continued to reign over X-Men: The Last Stand in Australia ($15.1 million total) and the United Kingdom ($45.4 million total) while slipping to third place in Mexico ($15.8 million total).

X-Men: The Last Stand fell 54 percent over the weekend to $33.5 million for a $135.5 million total. Thus far, the action sequel is performing better than its two predecessors but worse than a standard action movie of this caliber.

The mutants took a sizeable 61 percent hit in the U.K. to $4.4 million for a $26.1 million total. It also collapsed in France, falling 67 percent to $3.5 million for a $15.2 million total. It showed better stamina in Mexico (down 47 percent), Spain (down 48 percent), Germany (down 55 percent) and Australia (down 57 percent).

X-Men: The Last Stand capitalized on Italy's holiday weekend, easing 13 percent to $2 million for a $5.4 million total. Brazil also saw a decent hold, off 37 percent for a $6.9 million total.

Mike Vogel and Emmy Rossum in Poseidon
Poseidon remained outstanding in Asia, and ten major-market debuts helped it yield $23.7 million over the weekend for a $34.9 million total, well on its way topping its disappointing domestic take.

In South Korea, Poseidon posted distributor Warner Brothers' fourth best opening ever, $6.2 million from 255 prints, beating past hit Troy by 75 percent. The disaster picture dazzled in China with a first-place $3 million debut from 369 prints, while Hong Kong was in the same league with $817,000 from 24 prints. It wasn't as hot in Japan with a solid $2.7 million from 401 prints.

In Europe, Poseidon's reception was cooler than Asia but good nonetheless. It opened in third place in the U.K. with $2.5 million from 428 situations. It was a tad better in Italy with a second-place $2.1 million from 357 prints. In Mexico, Poseidon came in second with $2.7 million from 504 prints, opening to more than what The Perfect Storm and Armageddon did in their days.

United 93 had a decent weekend, led by the U.K.'s $1.1 million start from 276 screens. The Sept. 11 drama eclipsed expectations in Germany ($871,829 from 195) and Austria ($216,403 from 41), and its overall weekend tally came to $2.3 million.

RV's foreign premiere was so-so. In Australia, the family comedy was in accordance with expectations with a fifth-place $734,750 from 181 screens. However, in Italy, it grossed a soft $239,148 from 94 screens. The Robin Williams vehicle also played in smaller markets to generally low returns, highlighted by Slovenia's $23,135 from 6 screens.

Also making its international debut was A Prairie Home Companion. The musical comedy opened in Italy, one week ahead of the United States, but was nothing special with $521,630 from 115 screens.

Over the Hedge doubled its international total with a Madagascar-like opening in Russia. The animated comedy grabbed the market with $3.3 million from 400 screens, topping Madagascar by four percent. Overall, Hedge has made $5.7 million thus far.

Meanwhile, Mission: Impossible III had a $6.6 million weekend, pushing its total to $192.9 million.

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