Around the World Roundup: 'XXX' at a Lower Level

by Conor Bresnan
Ice Cube in
XXX: State of the Union
May 4, 2005

XXX: State of the Union was just as disappointing overseas as it was domestically, grossing $14.8 million from 50 countries over the weekend. However, the action sequel did face some hurdles. Europe's maiden heat wave kept many patrons away, especially in Germany, which was one of the first XXX's strongest markets. Furthermore, the Labor Day holiday celebrated in nearly every nation on Saturday kept many people home and, in some cases, closed down all movie theatres (e.g. Finland). There's a reason why the summer movie season starts on the first week of May, and distributor Sony found that out last weekend.

Dubbed XXX 2: The Next Level overseas, XXX: State of the Union's international title, can only claim success in Asia. South Korea led the way with a $1.4 million second place bow from 174 screens, though it was 30 percent below the original. In India, where Sony has already turned Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid into a $4.3 million blockbuster, it made $777,587 from 197 screens, ranking third. It opened in first place in the Philippines ($237,307 from 50 screens), Singapore ($225,860 from 31), Taiwan ($140,177 from 19), and Thailand ($392,783 from 60) and also recorded an excellent debut in Malaysia ($260,633 from 40).

Outside Asia, XXX: State of the Union was weak. Despite grabbing the top spot in Germany, it only managed $1.2 million from 593 screens, 79 percent below XXX. The sequel also opened at first place in Spain, grossing $1.1 million from 403 screens or 52 percent under XXX. In France, it landed in fourth with a meager $1.3 million from 436 screens, 46 percent lower than the original. In the United Kingdom, it garnered less than a third of fellow opener The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's debut with $1.7 million from 493 screens, 68 percent below XXX. It didn't register in Russia with a paltry $865,328 from 243 screens.

Latin America was even worse. In Mexico, XXX: State of the Union mustered a depressing second place $537,122 from 350 screens, 77 percent under XXX. It opened in second place in Brazil as well with just $359,246 from 215 screens, down 71 percent from the original.

With only Japan to look forward to, XXX: State of the Union will dissipate from most theaters by the time Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith opens, and it should end up with around $40 million, a far cry from XXX's $135.3 million.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, just as in North America, was the big winner with an $8.7 million weekend from just three territories. Its $5.4 million debut at 465 sites in the U.K. was a little low because of the heat wave, but was nonetheless impressive, bettering such major American titles as The Bourne Supremacy (by four percent), Armageddon (by 16 percent) and Star Trek: Insurrection (by 16 percent). The sci-fi comedy also had first place launches in Australia ($2.1 million on 244 screens) and New Zealand ($362,347 on 67) and will have a spread out international roll out over the next four months.

Nicole Kidman in The Interpreter
The Interpreter was also affected by the European heat wave, but not as severely as the XXX sequel. A precipitous 42 percent drop in Germany led to a $1.2 million weekend from 400 screens and an 11-day total of $4.0 million. In Spain, the political thriller fell 47 percent in its third week to $811,507 from 186 screens for a $5.1 million total, but will pass the final gross of The Bourne Supremacy there next week. In the U.K., however, it eased 29 percent, to $1.4 million from 369 screens for a 17-day total of $9.9 million, keeping pace with The Bourne Identity there. There are still 19 territories to go, including Japan on May 21. With $39.8 million overall to date and France, Italy and Russia also on the horizon, it could end up with around $80 million.

Celebrating the beginning of Golden Week in Japan—comparable business-wise to Memorial Day weekend in the United State—Constantine held on to the No. 1 spot in its third weekend. The supernatural thriller grossed $2.6 million from 350 screens, a 13 percent jump from the prior weekend. Its $14.3 million total is now 72 percent ahead of X2: X-Men United, 63 percent higher than National Treasure and 49 percent better than Van Helsing. The overall international total grew to $142.4 million.

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