Around the World Roundup: 'Interpreter' Translates Overseas

by Conor Bresnan
Nicole Kidman in The Interpreter
April 21, 2005

Poised to be an international blockbuster, The Interpreter recorded an $8.7 million weekend from 16 territories—especially potent considering its limited 1,157 screen count. In the United Kingdom, the Nicole Kidman-Sean Penn thriller debuted at No. 1 with $3.0 million from 367 screens, 22 percent ahead of fellow opener The Amityville Horror and comparable to The Bourne Identity. In Australia, The Interpreter notched a solid $1.3 million from 201 screens, and, in Spain, it was tops with $1.9 million at 196 screens, 20 percent higher than The Bourne Supremacy and two percent ahead of Collateral.

The Interpreter lured audiences in smaller markets as well. In Taiwan, it topped the chart with $471,195 at 52 screens, 21 percent bigger than Collateral. It also had No. 1 openings in Switzerland ($383,613 at 36), Portugal ($339,170 at 50), the Netherlands ($284,830 at 50 screens), Norway ($159,740 at 34), Hungary ($84,791 at 16) and Slovenia ($30,160 at 9). There were only two sour notes: Sweden's third place $99,202 opening at 30 screens and Poland's soft $117,715 at 46. Next weekend, coinciding with its domestic premiere, The Interpreter bows in 16 more territories, including Germany, Brazil and Mexico.

The Ring Two tumbled over 50 percent from last weekend, grossing $7.8 million for a $67 million total. After its strong launch in Italy, the horror sequel dove 52 percent to $1.3 million from 258 screens for a $5.1 million total. Other drop-offs were steeper. In its third weekend in the U.K., it was down 58 percent for $9.2 million in 17 days. Russia was off 61 percent in its second weekend for a $3.1 million total. Most embarrassing was Taiwan's 78 percent dive to $15,430 from 34 screens and a $449,696 after three weeks.

After its slow start abroad, The Pacifier has rebounded nicely with a $7.5 million weekend overseas, lifting its total to $20 million. Most impressive has been Australia's $5.8 million in four weeks. After opening in fifth place, the Vin Diesel comedy claimed the top spot two weekends ago and retained the lead over the weekend with an 18 percent jump to $1.3 million from 268 screens.

Vin Diesel in The Pacifier
The Pacifier had solid debuts as well, including Germany's chart-topping $2.2 million from 604 screens. In Russia, it mustered $1.1 million at 157, marking the third biggest opening ever there for distributor Buena Vista International after Pirates of the Caribbean and King Arthur. It also opened at first place in Austria ($469,000 at 91 screens), Thailand ($462,000 at 82), Hong Kong ($325,000) and Malaysia ($170,000).

The Amityville Horror had three day-and-date releases with its domestic bow totaling $3.5 million. Among them, the U.K.'s second place debut of $2.5 million from 346 screens was 14 percent below British hit Shaun of the Dead, but 67 percent ahead of Boogeyman. In Australia, the horror remake landed in fourth place with $769,856 from 142 screens.

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous' delayed Mexican debut helped buoy its foreign weekend take to $5.2 million from 45 countries, but its total stands at a still disappointing $39.3 million. The Sandra Bullock sequel grossed a top-ranked $1.3 million from 405 screens in Mexico, outperforming the original by 17 percent as well as Along Came Polly by 19 percent and 50 First Dates by 30 percent.

Keanu Reeves in Constantine
A potent debut in Japan reawakened Constantine, contributing to a $5.1 million weekend and $129.3 million total. The supernatural thriller entered the unpredictable market with a chart-topping $3.7 million from 347 screens. Comparing two-day totals (excluding sneak previews), it topped National Treasure by 33 percent, The Ring by 54 percent and End of Days by 27 percent—each of which went on to gross more than $15 million. If Constantine follows suit, its international haul will climb past $150 million, or more than double its domestic take.

Sahara imitated its domestic performance with solid holds in two markets as well as a decent opening in one. In the U.K., the desert adventure fell 29 percent to $1.5 million from 399 screens for a $5.2 million total, slipping to third behind openers The Interpreter and The Amityville Horror. It was down 31 percent in Australia to $755,727 from 183 screens for a $2.2 million total, and it opened in New Zealand to $166,692 from 45 screens.

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