Worldwide 'Revolutions' Yields $203M in 5 Days

by Brandon Gray
November 10, 2003

HOLLYWOOD (Box Office Mojo)—The world revolved around The Matrix Revolutions, thanks to the record-breaking global assault Warner Bros. mounted for the cyber-epic.

Playing on 18,000 screens at 10,013 theaters in 109 markets, Revolutions downloaded $202.8 million in five days. Overseas territories accounted for $119 million of that sum, topping The Matrix Reloaded's $113.2 million and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers' $99.4 million (in 27 markets) as the biggest five-day international debut ever.

For the Friday-to-Sunday frame alone, Revolutions netted an estimated $81.8 million—$22 million on Friday, $32.7 million on Saturday and $27.1 million on Sunday.

Revolutions was No. 1 around the world, posting prodigious five-day hauls everywhere. In the United Kingdom, it drew $14.6 million from 925 prints at 467 locations, down 28% from Reloaded's bow but still the 11th best start ever there. In Japan, it yielded the third biggest opening ever with $14.585 million from 900 prints at 638 venues, off 22% from the market's No. 1 Reloaded. In France, $10.7 million at 902 theaters, down 11%. In Germany, $8 million on 1,128 screens, off 43%. In Spain, $6.3 million on 465 screens, down 8% and fifth highest debut ever. In Italy, $5.981 million on 600 screens, off 9%. In Australia, $5.598 million at 454 locations, down 28%. In Korea, $5.3 million on 321 screens, off 15%.

Revolutions improved upon Reloaded in a few markets. In Russia, its $5.367 million opening at 198 theaters was up 56% and stands as that market's biggest bow ever, topping previous title holder Terminator 3 by 49%. In Taiwan, business surged 30% over its predecessor with $2.228 million. In China's first ever day-and-date release with the USA, Revolutions racked up $1.831 million from 100 subtitled prints, up 29% over Reloaded and Warner Bros. strongest start there. India's $649,000 from 106 prints was also an all time best for the WB.

Domestically, the $150 million finale of the Wachowski Bros. trilogy generated $48,475,154 at 3,502 theaters over the weekend, down $1.7 million from Warner Bros.' Sunday estimate and off 47% from Reloaded's $91,774,413 bow. It ranks as the 34th biggest debut ever, the seventh best among November bows and the fourth largest among R-rated movies.

After five days, the total stands at $83,790,000. Six months earlier, Reloaded took in $134,282,716 in its first four days.

Revolutions also marked the first time a major live action release bowed on IMAX at the same time as regular theaters. Among the 3,502 locations were 48 IMAX theaters, which contributed over $3 million since Wednesday—averaging about $65,000 per site. Reloaded opened on 39 IMAX screens to $700,000 three weeks after its 35mm debut, averaging $17,950 per theater. IMAX ultimately accounted for $11.7 million (from a peak 50 screens) of its $281.5 million gross. The average IMAX ticket price is around twice as much as regular theaters.

Breaking down the weekend, Revolutions pulled in $16,529,521 on Friday. It climbed 18.1% on Saturday to $19,524,728, and it dipped 36.4% on Sunday to $12,420,905. By comparison, Reloaded bagged $31,330,393 on its first Friday, rose 9.8% to $34,389,237 on Saturday and eased 24.2% on Sunday to $26,054,783.

Demographically, Revolutions and Reloaded were nearly identical. Each had a 50/50 split between those over and under the age of 25, according to Warner Bros. Revolutions' audience skewed more male than female, 63% to 37%, just like Reloaded (62% to 38%). Exit polling even indicated that moviegoers liked Revolutions about as much as Reloaded.

The decidedly mixed reaction to Reloaded, though, undoubtedly hurt Revolutions, but Revolutions was destined to make less even if everyone loved Reloaded. Reloaded had four years of pent-up demand and imaginations running wild after the first movie's open-ended set-up, whereas Revolutions had merely six months. The fact that there was no break from The Matrix in those six months - the full theatrical cycle, the IMAX release, the DVD release, etc. - only compounded matters. The Matrix has seemingly been in the air non-stop since May, lessening the event status of Revolutions. Warner Bros. also mounted a quieter campaign, not running as many ads as they did for Reloaded and even opening it at 101 fewer theaters and around 500 fewer screens.

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