Matrix Weekend Two

by Brandon Gray
April 12, 1999

$22,563,331. With a mere 19% decline, The Matrix held up very well in its second week by any genre's standard, let alone the sci-fi and action ones. Look for this picture to continue to dominate for the next two weekends at least. There is no real competition until April 30, when Entrapment opens (which has a different demographic anyway).

Never Been Kissed grossed a decent $11.8 million. Though not as big as it could have been, this opening is still a testament to Drew Barrymore's rising star power. After all, her picture had to overcome very poor timing, coming out after a glut of teen pictures, and a mediocre advertising campaign. Plus, she carried the picture entirely on her own.

Moviegoers opted to pass on Go, as it scored a meager $4.7 million. Like the director's previous picture, Swingers, it will probably develop a sort of cult following, as it's one of those postmodern romps that appeal to certain segments. It will likely break even as well due to its low budget. But despite this, it's still kind of a failure given the buzz and the popular young stars it featured.

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