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In the family comedy “Yours, Mine & Ours,” breakfast is an all-out affair. Clockwise from left: Dylan (Drake Bell), Joni (Miranda Cosgrove), Kelly (Haley Ramm), Phoebe (Danielle Panabaker), Michael (Tyler Patrick Jones), Lau (Andrew Vo), Ely (Brecken Palmer), Otter (Bridger Palmer), Ethan (Ty Panitz), Aldo (Nicholas Roget-King), Marisa (Jessica Habib), Bina (Jennifer Habib), Naoko (Miki Ishikawa), Mick (Slade Pearce), Christina (Katija Pevec), Harry (Dean Collins), Jimi (Lil’ JJ), and William (Sean Faris).
Photo Credit: Sam Emerson
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