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Helen North (Rene Russo, left) is a widow with 10 kids – (behind couch, left to right) Marisa (Jessica Habib), Bina (Jennifer Habib), Lau (Andrew Vo), Aldo (Nicholas Roget-King), (on couch, left to right) Joni (Miranda Cosgrove), Jimi (Lil’ JJ), Mick (Slade Pearce), Dylan (Drake Bell), Naoko (Miki Ishikawa), and Phoebe (Danielle Panabaker) – who impulsively marries her high-school sweetheart, now a widower with 8 kids of his own. With 18 kids trying to break up the marriage, they discover that families can’t be built in a day.
Photo Credit: Sam Emerson
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