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Monday, Oct. 20
WEEKEND: Estimates (45 tracked)
Sunday, Oct. 19
ALL TIME: Opening Theater Averages - 'Birdman' ranks 19th >
GENRES: World War II Openings
ACTORS: Brad Pitt Openings
DIRECTORS: David Ayer Openings
PRODUCERS: Guillermo del Toro Openings
BRANDS: Nicholas Sparks Openings
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ALL TIME: Worst Wide Openings (600+ theaters)
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Saturday, Oct. 18
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Friday, Oct. 17
WEEKLY: Oct. 10-16 (99 tracked)
Monday, Oct. 13
Friday, Oct. 17
DAILY: Thursday, 10/16 (54 tracked)
Thursday, Oct. 16
THEATERS: 10/24 Estimates
THEATERS: 10/17 Counts
DAILY: Wednesday, 10/15 (46 tracked)
SCHEDULE: 'Jem and the Holograms,' 'Cybernatural'
Wednesday, Oct. 15
DAILY: Tuesday, 10/14 (45 tracked)
SCHEDULE: 'The Woman in Black 2'
Tuesday, Oct. 14
10/14 DVD/Blu-ray Releases
SCHEDULE: 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2,' 'Scouts vs. Zombies'
MPAA: New Ratings - 'Night at the Museum 3,' 'Unbroken,' 'Poltergeist'
SCHEDULE: 'Paddington,' 'Underdogs'
SCHEDULE: 'Independence Day 2,' 'Hitman: Agent 47'
SCHEDULE: 'The Transporter Legacy'
SCHEDULE: 'Rogen / Gordon-Levitt X-Mas Movie'
DAILY: Monday, 10/13 (46 tracked)
STUDIOS: Market Share (as of Sun.)
Monday, Oct. 13
WEEKEND: Actuals (107 tracked)
WEEKEND: Studio Estimates vs. Actuals
DAILY: Sunday, 10/12 (57 tracked)
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DAILY: Friday, 10/10 (57 tracked)
Russia: Huge start for 'Dracula' >
U.K.: 'Gone Girl' holds off 'Maze' >
South Korea: 'Dracula' in 2nd >
Australia: 'Gone Girl' down 13% >
France: 'Gone Girl' opens on top >
Brazil: 'Annabelle' takes 1st >
Mexico: 'Dracula Untold' repeats >
Spain: 'Gone Girl' tops 'Annabelle' >
Germany: 'Equalizer' rules >
Japan: Local titles dominate >
Italy: 'One Direction' leads >
Thursday, Oct. 9
THEATERS: 10/10 Counts
Wednesday, Oct. 8
DAILY: Tuesday, 10/7 (43 tracked)
SCHEDULE: 'Maps to the Stars'
Tuesday, Oct. 7
10/7 DVD/Blu-ray Releases
MPAA: New Ratings
DAILY: Monday, 10/6 (43 tracked)
STUDIOS: Market Share (as of Sun.)
Monday, Oct. 6
WEEKEND: Actuals (107 tracked)
SCHEDULE: 'Deepwater Horizon'
SCHEDULE: 'Vacation'
ALL TIME: Photo Finishes
WEEKEND: Studio Estimates vs. Actuals
DAILY: Sunday, 10/5 (46 tracked)
DAILY: Saturday, 10/4 (46 tracked)
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Sunday, Oct. 5
ALL TIME: October Openings
ACTORS: Ben Affleck Openings
DAILY: David Fincher Openings
GENRES: Supernatural Horror Openings
PRODUCERS: James Wan Openings
GENRES: Christian Openings
U.K.: $6.6M for 'Gone Girl' >
Spain: Local sequel rules >
South Korea: 'Annabelle' in 4th >
Australia: 'Gone Girl' in 1st >
Russia: 'Gone Girl' on top >
Germany: 'Gone Girl,' 'Dracula Untold' open at roughly same level >
France: 'Equalizer' equals 'Dracula' >
Italy: 'Lucy' holds off 'Annabelle' >
Japan: Four-in-a-row for local hit >