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Box Office Mojo International

Updated 5/7/15 4:20 P.M. Pacific Time

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(Weekend Ending September 25)
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#1 Movie#1 Movie
Wknd Gross
AUSTRALIA The Secret Life of Pets $2,605,392
AUSTRIA Bad Moms $520,000
BELGIUM Blair Witch $126,885
BULGARIA Storks $71,324
CHILE Blair Witch $225,680
CHINA A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three $6,554,833
COLOMBIA Storks $645,764
CZECH REPUBLIC Bridget Jones's Baby $309,635
FINLAND Bridget Jones's Baby $385,791
FRANCE It's Only the End of the World (Juste la fin du monde) $2,441,424
GERMANY Bad Moms $1,829,577
HUNGARY Bridget Jones's Baby $249,624
ICELAND Bridget Jones's Baby $77,939
ITALY Finding Dory $3,557,591
JAPAN Your Name (Kimi no na wa.) $8,538,032
LITHUANIA Storks $63,044
MEXICO Storks $2,425,893
NETHERLANDS Bridget Jones's Baby $1,144,431
NEW ZEALAND Bridget Jones's Baby $793,000
NORWAY Kongens Nei (The King's Choice) $1,618,743
POLAND The Secret Life of Pets $1,684,059
PORTUGAL The Magnificent Seven (2016) $179,945
ROMANIA Storks $123,282
RUSSIA - CIS The Magnificent Seven (2016) $1,838,297
SLOVAKIA Bridget Jones's Baby $98,230
SLOVENIA Bridget Jones's Baby $35,322
SOUTH AFRICA The Magnificent Seven (2016) $130,864
SOUTH KOREA The Age of Shadows $3,482,526
SWITZERLAND The Magnificent Seven (2016) $199,032
TURKEY Mechanic: Resurrection $246,289
UKRAINE Storks $257,408
UNITED KINGDOM Bridget Jones's Baby $8,403,000