Fantasy - Live Action

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Note: Only movies with opening weekend grosses are listed on this chart.

NOTE: ""Fantasy"" refers to movies about a quest set in a fantastical world, be it this one with supernatural tendencies or another one a la Middle-earth. Technically speaking, the Star Wars movies are fantasy, but it's (falsely) perceived as sci-fi. Hence, its inclusion on this list would not be illuminating in how this genre fares at the box office. If there are any movies that you think should be on this list, e-mail us at

Title (click to view)StudioRelease Date
Doctor Strange BV 11/4/16
Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them WB 11/18/16
A Monster Calls Focus 12/23/16
Beauty and the Beast (2017) BV 3/17/17
Untitled Disney Fairy-Tale (2017) [Live Action] BV 7/28/17
Untitled Disney Fairy-Tale #2 (2018) [Live Action] BV 4/6/18
Mulan (Live Action) BV 11/2/18
Untitled Fantastic Beasts Sequel WB 11/16/18
Untitled Disney Fairy-Tale #1 (2019) [Live Action] BV 11/8/19
Untitled Disney Fairy-Tale #2 (2019) [Live Action] BV 12/20/19