Comic Book Adaptation


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Title (click to view)StudioRelease Date
Suicide Squad WB 8/5/16
Doctor Strange BV 11/4/16
Untitled Wolverine Fox 3/3/17
Ghost in the Shell (2017) Par. 3/31/17
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 BV 5/5/17
Wonder Woman WB 6/2/17
Spider-Man: Homecoming Sony 7/7/17
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets EC 7/21/17
Thor: Ragnarok BV 11/3/17
Justice League WB 11/17/17
Black Panther BV 2/16/18
The Flash WB 3/16/18
Avengers: Infinity War Part I BV 5/4/18
Untitled Fox / Marvel Fox 6/29/18
Ant-Man and the Wasp BV 7/6/18
Aquaman WB 7/27/18
Untitled DC Film (2018) WB 10/5/18
Animated Spider-Man Sony 12/21/18
Captain Marvel BV 3/8/19
Shazam! WB 4/5/19
Avengers: Infinity War Part II BV 5/3/19
Justice League Part Two WB 6/14/19
Untitled DC Film (2019) WB 11/1/19
Untitled Marvel Movie (May 2020) BV 5/1/20
Untitled Marvel Movie (July 2020) BV 7/10/20
Untitled DC Film (2020) WB 7/24/20
Untitled Marvel Movie (November 2020) BV 11/6/20
Popeye (2015) Sony TBD
The Amazing Spider-Man 4 Sony TBD
The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Sony TBD
The Fantastic Four 2 Fox TBD
Inhumans BV TBD
Sinister Six Sony TBD
Gambit Fox TBD