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'Jurassic World 2' Delivers $15.3M from Thursday Previews

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Monday, June 18, 2018
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TDYDTitle (Click to View)StudioDaily Gross% +/- YD / LWTheaters / AvgGross To-DateDay
11Incredibles 2BV$23,627,708-55%-4,410$5,358$206,315,6134
22Ocean's 8WB$2,421,036-58%-45%4,145$584$81,009,39011
45Deadpool 2Fox$1,101,022-64%-36%3,212$343$295,663,33132
54Solo: A Star Wars StoryBV$1,100,258-72%-39%3,182$346$194,865,40125
87Avengers: Infinity WarBV$641,605-68%-31%2,164$296$664,987,81653
911Book ClubPar.$384,952-22%-44%1,656$232$62,362,53732
12-Hotel ArtemisGlobal Road$175,019-50%-58%2,299$76$5,996,64711
--Won't You Be My Neighbor?Focus$138,450-58%+130%96$1,442$1,848,86311
--A Wrinkle in TimeBV$98,040-59%+598%245$400$100,004,964102
--UpgradeBH Tilt$87,485-55%-75%646$135$11,165,78018
--Life of the Party WB (NL)$65,279-31%-76%608$107$51,915,41639
--Overboard (2018)PNT$62,805-63%-51%581$108$48,630,03646
--A Quiet PlacePar.$59,771-42%-62%397$151$186,518,79174
--Breaking In (2018)Uni.$57,890-55%-68%504$115$45,228,69039
--First ReformedA24$49,647-54%-32%273$182$2,470,24432
--American AnimalsOrch.$33,124-51%+4%72$460$788,05418
--Rampage (2018)WB (NL)$31,869-65%-51%288$111$96,464,89867
--Show DogsGlobal Road$26,621-42%-80%424$63$17,132,95232
--Ready Player OneWB$17,877-63%-36%201$89$136,676,09582
--2001: A Space Odyssey (2018 re-release)WB$17,642-43%-1%13$1,357$882,65932
--Black PantherBV$11,964-69%-32%146$82$699,625,301123
--Isle Of DogsFoxS$10,468-51%-24%85$123$31,707,04988
--I Feel PrettySTX$9,385-31%-52%110$85$48,762,82760
--I Can Only ImagineRAtt.$7,316-60%-14%86$85$83,350,92095
--On Chesil BeachBST$5,529-40%-68%73$76$682,76732
--Super Troopers 2Fox$3,660-59%-52%54$68$30,554,99060
--Let the Sunshine InIFC$3,632-63%-34%27$135$813,27153
--The Miracle SeasonMirr/LD$2,397-39%-13%18$133$10,189,48374
--Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty - Concept ShortDarin Southa$2,296-+137%3$765$85,34696
--The Death of StalinIFC$1,368-61%-29%10$137$7,993,945102
--Game NightWB (NL)$1,366-61%-23%47$29$68,997,361116
--Eating AnimalsIFC$1,227-87%-2$614$35,7514
--Mary ShelleyIFC$1,213-34%-65%17$71$84,62325
--A Kid Like JakeIFC$1,084-38%+16%13$83$27,03918
--En el Septimo Dia (On the Seventh Day)CGld$992-66%-55%2$496$29,71511
--Claire's CameraCGld$165-75%+284%1$165$80,145102
--Lu Over the WallGK$26-67%-84%2$13$109,26939
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NOTE: If daily grosses stop for a movie, it means that the respective studio is no longer tracking it on a daily basis. The exceptions are New Line, Miramax/Dimension and Sony Pictures Classics. They don't do official daily box office, and estimates are made for their movies based on partial data in order to fill out the top 12. Because of this, movies from these studios are more apt to disappear from the daily chart.