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Top 10 Gross% Change
#1 MovieGross
1Dec. 30Fri364$45,083,620--37The Chronicles of Narnia$9,703,562
2Dec. 23Fri357$36,456,528--35The Chronicles of Narnia$7,930,875
3Dec. 16Fri350$34,618,473--38King Kong$14,468,240
4Dec. 9Fri343$37,463,827--40The Chronicles of Narnia$23,006,856
5Dec. 2Fri336$22,790,259--38Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$5,371,092
6Nov. 25Fri329$58,387,568--40Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$22,771,302
7Nov. 18Fri322$60,257,026--39Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$40,118,363
8Nov. 11Fri315$39,119,928--51Chicken Little$11,314,072
9Nov. 4Fri308$36,036,279--49Chicken Little$10,571,609
10Dec. 31Sat365$35,836,680--37The Chronicles of Narnia$7,745,203
11Dec. 24Sat358$20,176,875--35The Chronicles of Narnia$4,740,768
12Dec. 17Sat351$48,424,550--38King Kong$20,105,680
13Dec. 10Sat344$46,492,592--40The Chronicles of Narnia$25,326,015
14Dec. 3Sat337$32,016,041--38Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$8,886,217
15Nov. 26Sat330$55,032,305--40Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$20,204,338
16Nov. 19Sat323$65,175,854--41Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$36,719,135
17Nov. 12Sat316$42,934,769--51Chicken Little$12,422,456
18Nov. 5Sat309$48,764,136--49Chicken Little$17,355,335
19Jan. 1Sun1$42,566,921--37King Kong$8,795,475
20Dec. 25Sun359$41,446,790--39King Kong$8,850,600
21Dec. 18Sun352$36,542,812--38King Kong$15,556,225
22Dec. 11Sun345$29,563,937--40The Chronicles of Narnia$17,223,441
23Dec. 4Sun338$18,550,870--38Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$5,620,827
24Nov. 27Sun331$29,722,118--42Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$11,751,498
25Nov. 20Sun324$43,585,060--41Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$25,848,463
26Nov. 13Sun317$24,972,855--52Chicken Little$7,917,062
27Nov. 6Sun310$30,707,773--49Chicken Little$12,122,834
28Jan. 2Mon2$36,513,356--37The Chronicles of Narnia$8,025,469
29Dec. 26Mon360$55,163,752--39King Kong$12,015,360
30Dec. 19Mon353$15,743,365--36King Kong$5,638,125
31Dec. 12Mon346$8,322,018--36The Chronicles of Narnia$4,603,152
32Dec. 5Mon339$4,563,019--36Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$1,139,298
33Nov. 28Mon332$6,927,584--41Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$2,441,373
34Nov. 21Mon325$13,918,954--36Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$8,055,221
35Nov. 14Mon318$5,415,869--45Chicken Little$1,109,809
36Nov. 7Mon311$7,091,533--43Jarhead$1,964,965
37Dec. 27Tue361$40,092,401--36The Chronicles of Narnia$9,224,127
38Dec. 20Tue354$15,906,857--36King Kong$5,244,960
39Dec. 13Tue347$7,806,379--36The Chronicles of Narnia$4,026,675
40Dec. 6Tue340$4,733,994--36Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$1,154,199
41Nov. 29Tue333$6,597,151--39Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$2,145,227
42Nov. 22Tue326$16,033,914--35Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$9,002,342
43Nov. 15Tue319$5,261,370--45Chicken Little$1,005,555
44Nov. 8Tue312$7,480,468--43Chicken Little$2,230,622
45Dec. 28Wed362$37,854,530--37The Chronicles of Narnia$8,756,930
46Dec. 21Wed355$20,515,335--36The Chronicles of Narnia$4,940,386
47Dec. 14Wed348$16,245,661--37King Kong$9,755,745
48Dec. 7Wed341$4,420,381--36Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$1,122,444
49Nov. 30Wed334$6,002,964--39Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$1,947,313
50Nov. 23Wed327$32,762,697--41Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$14,130,383
51Nov. 16Wed320$4,830,904--45Chicken Little$929,430
52Nov. 9Wed313$9,676,953--44Get Rich or Die Tryin'$3,624,378
53Dec. 29Thu363$38,052,935--37The Chronicles of Narnia$8,875,130
54Dec. 22Thu356$22,757,601--35The Chronicles of Narnia$5,763,097
55Dec. 15Thu349$12,895,058--37King Kong$6,295,755
56Dec. 8Thu342$4,456,601--36Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$1,121,205
57Dec. 1Thu335$5,933,155--39Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$1,844,460
58Nov. 24Thu328$30,854,745--40Harry Potter / Goblet of Fire$12,409,162
59Nov. 17Thu321$4,623,001--45Chicken Little$935,439
60Nov. 10Thu314$10,656,429--44Chicken Little$2,935,963