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Top 10 Gross% Change
#1 MovieGross
1Apr. 14Fri104$67,269,700+504.6%+115.1%49Fate of the Furious$45,695,015
2Apr. 15Sat105$52,838,894-21.5%+14.5%49Fate of the Furious$31,543,625
3Apr. 16Sun106$35,774,114-32.3%+24.0%49Fate of the Furious$21,548,065
4Apr. 17Mon107$17,390,287-51.4%+86.2%49Fate of the Furious$8,524,260
5Apr. 18Tue108$15,717,855-9.6%+12.3%50Fate of the Furious$8,150,190
6Apr. 19Wed109$10,551,449-32.9%+0.5%50Fate of the Furious$4,891,515
7Apr. 20Thu110$10,009,388-5.1%-10.0%50Fate of the Furious$4,543,550
8Apr. 21Fri111$26,130,366+161.1%-61.2%53Fate of the Furious$10,984,225
9Apr. 22Sat112$40,114,283+53.5%-24.1%53Fate of the Furious$16,942,100
10Apr. 23Sun113$24,681,391-38.5%-31.0%52Fate of the Furious$10,482,090
11Apr. 24Mon114$6,032,776-75.6%-65.3%44Fate of the Furious$2,462,540
12Apr. 25Tue115$8,906,085+47.6%-43.3%43Fate of the Furious$3,512,405
13Apr. 26Wed116$5,712,587-35.9%-45.9%44Fate of the Furious$2,111,370
14Apr. 1Sat91$66,777,262+34.0%-15.3%48The Boss Baby$20,115,863
15Apr. 2Sun92$45,051,082-32.5%-21.5%47The Boss Baby$14,461,891
16Apr. 7Fri97$31,271,836+192.8%-37.2%56The Boss Baby$6,928,554
17Apr. 8Sat98$46,160,313+47.6%-30.9%56The Boss Baby$11,831,324
18Apr. 9Sun99$28,855,765-37.5%-35.9%57The Boss Baby$7,603,610
19Apr. 10Mon100$9,341,538-67.6%-17.6%52The Boss Baby$2,180,761
20Apr. 11Tue101$13,997,974+49.8%-14.8%51The Boss Baby$3,387,051
21Apr. 12Wed102$10,497,612-25.0%-1.5%52The Boss Baby$2,704,289
22Apr. 13Thu103$11,125,859+6.0%+4.2%54The Boss Baby$3,072,323
23Apr. 3Mon93$11,330,326-74.9%-26.4%48Beauty and the Beast$3,167,150
24Apr. 4Tue94$16,432,321+45.0%-19.8%47Beauty and the Beast$4,569,209
25Apr. 5Wed95$10,660,937-35.1%-21.7%47Beauty and the Beast$3,053,839
26Apr. 6Thu96$10,679,246+0.2%-16.1%47Beauty and the Beast$3,166,251