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Top 10 Gross% Change
#1 MovieGross
1Mar. 27Wed86$11,558,442--49The Croods$4,227,300
2Mar. 26Tue85$14,564,836--49The Croods$5,025,142
3Mar. 25Mon84$12,336,431--49The Croods$4,201,106
4Mar. 24Sun83$34,926,583--51The Croods$13,013,520
5Mar. 23Sat82$54,702,348--51The Croods$18,980,862
6Mar. 22Fri81$37,612,464--51The Croods$11,645,354
7Mar. 31Sun90$31,748,241--53G.I. Joe: Retaliation$9,682,790
8Mar. 30Sat89$51,439,417--53G.I. Joe: Retaliation$15,497,787
9Mar. 29Fri88$54,389,655--53G.I. Joe: Retaliation$15,321,237
10Mar. 28Thu87$23,297,230--50G.I. Joe: Retaliation$10,506,875
11Mar. 7Thu66$5,241,744--50Jack the Giant Slayer$1,290,409
12Mar. 6Wed65$5,624,202--49Jack the Giant Slayer$1,544,127
13Mar. 5Tue64$7,125,634--49Jack the Giant Slayer$2,091,491
14Mar. 4Mon63$5,642,490--49Jack the Giant Slayer$1,663,116
15Mar. 3Sun62$22,090,477--51Jack the Giant Slayer$7,503,927
16Mar. 2Sat61$39,410,078--51Jack the Giant Slayer$12,004,736
17Mar. 1Fri60$26,321,135+390.8%+4.9%51Jack the Giant Slayer$7,693,563
18Mar. 21Thu80$6,347,865--45Oz The Great and Powerful$2,582,193
19Mar. 20Wed79$6,716,199--45Oz The Great and Powerful$2,692,504
20Mar. 19Tue78$8,290,727--45Oz The Great and Powerful$3,293,392
21Mar. 18Mon77$6,966,583--46Oz The Great and Powerful$2,903,718
22Mar. 17Sun76$24,369,469--45Oz The Great and Powerful$11,646,564
23Mar. 16Sat75$39,897,427--46Oz The Great and Powerful$18,221,991
24Mar. 15Fri74$28,612,548--45Oz The Great and Powerful$11,384,147
25Mar. 14Thu73$9,582,304--51Oz The Great and Powerful$5,128,774
26Mar. 13Wed72$9,501,979--51Oz The Great and Powerful$5,134,381
27Mar. 12Tue71$12,835,916--51Oz The Great and Powerful$7,108,000
28Mar. 11Mon70$10,655,972--51Oz The Great and Powerful$6,322,016
29Mar. 10Sun69$33,627,749--51Oz The Great and Powerful$21,996,261
30Mar. 9Sat68$53,542,550--51Oz The Great and Powerful$33,017,570
31Mar. 8Fri67$37,405,896+613.6%+42.1%51Oz The Great and Powerful$24,096,622