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Top 10 Gross% Change
#1 MovieGross
Apr. 30Fri120$31,917,615+456.6%+24.1%45Nightmare on Elm Street$15,735,956
Apr. 29Thu119$5,734,189+1.7%-36.1%44The Back-Up Plan$805,907
Apr. 28Wed118$5,637,085-13.6%-17.1%44The Back-Up Plan$832,377
Apr. 27Tue117$6,521,002+7.3%-14.3%44The Back-Up Plan$1,023,876
Apr. 26Mon116$6,077,652-74.2%-18.0%44How to Train Your Dragon$844,721
Apr. 25Sun115$23,599,011-35.3%-16.3%46How to Train Your Dragon$5,033,915
Apr. 24Sat114$36,483,098+41.9%-21.7%46How to Train Your Dragon$6,775,807
Apr. 23Fri113$25,714,056+186.7%-23.1%46The Back-Up Plan$4,257,676
Apr. 22Thu112$8,970,032+31.9%+32.1%46Oceans$2,466,530
Apr. 21Wed111$6,801,950-10.7%+3.8%44Kick-Ass$1,297,845
Apr. 20Tue110$7,613,186+2.7%-3.3%45Kick-Ass$1,488,805
Apr. 19Mon109$7,415,121-73.7%-2.1%45Kick-Ass$1,559,975
Apr. 18Sun108$28,178,838-39.5%-4.8%46How to Train Your Dragon$6,117,787
Apr. 17Sat107$46,588,166+39.3%-6.0%47How to Train Your Dragon$9,111,273
Apr. 16Fri106$33,452,100+392.6%-12.9%47Kick-Ass$7,656,935
Apr. 15Thu105$6,790,432+3.7%-53.5%44Clash of the Titans$1,612,487
Apr. 14Wed104$6,550,175-16.8%-54.0%44Clash of the Titans$1,589,103
Apr. 13Tue103$7,874,315+4.0%-52.4%44Clash of the Titans$1,894,413
Apr. 12Mon102$7,573,029-74.4%-64.8%44Clash of the Titans$1,892,202
Apr. 11Sun101$29,592,510-40.3%-21.3%46Clash of the Titans$7,255,921
Apr. 10Sat100$49,552,649+29.0%-18.1%46Clash of the Titans$11,041,748
Apr. 9Fri99$38,425,310+163.2%-43.6%46Date Night$9,170,065
Apr. 8Thu98$14,598,824+2.4%-23.6%43Clash of the Titans$4,066,177
Apr. 7Wed97$14,254,435-13.9%-12.9%43Clash of the Titans$4,224,231
Apr. 6Tue96$16,555,184-23.0%+33.0%43Clash of the Titans$5,019,401
Apr. 5Mon95$21,490,800-42.8%+74.4%43Clash of the Titans$6,393,396
Apr. 4Sun94$37,598,284-37.8%+11.8%44Clash of the Titans$13,812,670
Apr. 3Sat93$60,489,568-11.2%+32.1%44Clash of the Titans$21,361,412
Apr. 2Fri92$68,132,667+256.7%+102.7%44Clash of the Titans$26,061,023
Apr. 1Thu91$19,100,129+16.6%+144.3%43How to Train Your Dragon$5,242,114