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Top 10 Gross% Change
#1 MovieGross
Jan. 31Sat31$32,888,251+46.1%-7.0%38You Got Served$7,512,820
Jan. 30Fri30$22,505,642+324.7%-2.7%38You Got Served$5,825,983
Jan. 29Thu29$5,299,519-5.2%-1.4%33The Butterfly Effect$1,228,000
Jan. 28Wed28$5,587,800+4.7%+12.7%33The Butterfly Effect$1,279,000
Jan. 27Tue27$5,337,438+3.3%-9.2%33The Butterfly Effect$1,279,000
Jan. 26Mon26$5,166,647-73.4%-71.7%33The Butterfly Effect$1,329,000
Jan. 25Sun25$19,396,718-45.2%-23.4%36The Butterfly Effect$4,142,000
Jan. 24Sat24$35,368,898+52.9%-8.9%36Along Came Polly$7,592,325
Jan. 23Fri23$23,131,354+330.2%-10.1%36The Butterfly Effect$6,044,000
Jan. 22Thu22$5,377,394+8.5%-8.5%31Along Came Polly$1,462,160
Jan. 21Wed21$4,956,884-15.7%-8.8%31Along Came Polly$1,327,880
Jan. 20Tue20$5,879,452-67.8%-5.5%31Along Came Polly$1,670,125
Jan. 19Mon19$18,247,412-27.9%+222.7%42Along Came Polly$4,729,640
Jan. 18Sun18$25,307,967-34.8%+20.6%39Along Came Polly$7,489,840
Jan. 17Sat17$38,809,530+50.8%+4.7%39Along Came Polly$11,354,120
Jan. 16Fri16$25,740,685+338.2%+1.9%39Along Came Polly$8,877,225
Jan. 15Thu15$5,874,070+8.1%-17.9%35Return of the King$1,036,039
Jan. 14Wed14$5,435,741-12.6%-27.6%35Return of the King$989,404
Jan. 13Tue13$6,218,482+10.0%-21.1%35Return of the King$1,148,156
Jan. 12Mon12$5,654,091-73.1%-33.4%36Return of the King$1,098,097
Jan. 11Sun11$20,979,951-43.4%-19.3%37Return of the King$4,092,728
Jan. 10Sat10$37,075,778+46.8%-17.0%37Return of the King$6,439,410
Jan. 9Fri9$25,263,976+253.1%-42.9%37Big Fish$4,626,580
Jan. 8Thu8$7,154,561-4.7%-84.2%33Return of the King$1,651,907
Jan. 7Wed7$7,509,007-4.7%-76.0%33Return of the King$1,805,059
Jan. 6Tue6$7,882,487-7.2%-76.6%33Return of the King$2,015,440
Jan. 5Mon5$8,493,397-67.3%-74.0%33Return of the King$2,228,471
Jan. 4Sun4$25,992,480-41.8%-42.4%35Return of the King$7,015,027
Jan. 3Sat3$44,682,789+1.0%-20.3%35Return of the King$10,563,221
Jan. 2Fri2$44,220,027-2.2%-23.8%35Return of the King$10,602,130
Jan. 1Thu1$45,197,472+44.4%-2.3%36Return of the King$12,784,656