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Top 10 Gross% Change
#1 MovieGross
1Jan. 21Mon21$23,245,220-27.8%+324.3%29Snow Dogs$5,893,915
2Jan. 20Sun20$32,206,498-15.7%+46.0%25Black Hawk Down$8,673,421
3Jan. 26Sat26$47,054,107+47.5%+23.1%22Black Hawk Down$7,954,707
4Jan. 22Tue22$7,540,979-67.6%+22.2%24Black Hawk Down$2,381,952
5Jan. 24Thu24$6,660,705+2.9%+21.9%24Black Hawk Down$2,018,257
6Jan. 23Wed23$6,471,929-14.2%+21.0%24Black Hawk Down$2,008,958
7Jan. 18Fri18$29,474,067+439.6%+18.4%24Black Hawk Down$9,914,214
8Jan. 25Fri25$31,895,824+378.9%+8.2%22Black Hawk Down$5,233,662
9Jan. 19Sat19$38,223,113+29.7%+2.7%24Black Hawk Down$10,024,101
10Jan. 30Wed30$5,977,020-12.4%-7.6%23Black Hawk Down$1,204,941
11Jan. 29Tue29$6,819,225+4.3%-9.6%23Black Hawk Down$1,353,645
12Jan. 13Sun13$22,059,707-40.7%-9.8%23Fellowship of the Ring$4,692,094
13Jan. 31Thu31$5,992,835+0.3%-10.0%23Black Hawk Down$1,191,209
14Jan. 17Thu17$5,462,620+2.2%-11.7%23A Beautiful Mind$1,112,025
15Jan. 12Sat12$37,223,707+49.6%-15.1%23Fellowship of the Ring$7,268,117
16Jan. 11Fri11$24,886,619+302.4%-17.1%23Orange County$5,693,000
17Jan. 16Wed16$5,347,042-13.3%-17.8%23A Beautiful Mind$1,100,225
18Jan. 14Mon14$5,478,353-75.2%-19.9%23Fellowship of the Ring$1,137,194
19Jan. 15Tue15$6,168,536+12.6%-21.5%23Fellowship of the Ring$1,305,321
20Jan. 27Sun27$24,989,632-46.9%-22.4%22Black Hawk Down$3,823,899
21Jan. 10Thu10$6,184,747-4.9%-55.5%19Fellowship of the Ring$1,395,114
22Jan. 9Wed9$6,506,727-17.2%-61.9%19Fellowship of the Ring$1,525,350
23Jan. 28Mon28$6,537,635-73.8%-71.9%23Black Hawk Down$1,308,511
24Jan. 8Tue8$7,860,717+15.0%-77.8%19Fellowship of the Ring$1,978,472
25Jan. 1Tue1$35,473,140--20Fellowship of the Ring$10,248,284
26Jan. 2Wed2$17,056,942--20Fellowship of the Ring$4,616,413
27Jan. 3Thu3$13,890,903--20Fellowship of the Ring$3,767,510
28Jan. 4Fri4$30,003,092--20Fellowship of the Ring$6,783,240
29Jan. 5Sat5$43,820,108--20Fellowship of the Ring$10,114,063
30Jan. 6Sun6$24,453,309--20Fellowship of the Ring$6,109,144
31Jan. 7Mon7$6,837,112--19Fellowship of the Ring$1,710,810