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(Where the difference between the #1 and #2 movies were $1 million or less)

RowWeekend#1 and #2 MoviesWeekend
Difference% Difference
1Mar. 12–14, 1993CB4$6,122,450$5,9660.10%
Fire in the Sky$6,116,484
2Oct. 26–28, 1984The Terminator$4,020,663$10,7970.27%
Terror in the Aisles$4,009,866
3Apr. 26–28, 1985Stick$3,358,299$51,1281.52%
Just One of the Guys$3,307,171
4May 15–17, 1987Ishtar$4,331,817$73,7541.70%
The Gate$4,258,063
5Feb. 10–12, 1995Billy Madison$6,639,080$123,2191.86%
The Quick and the Dead$6,515,861
6Feb. 28–Mar. 2, 1986Pretty in Pink$6,065,870$141,8982.34%
7Aug. 27–29, 2010Takers$20,512,304$145,6910.71%
The Last Exorcism$20,366,613
8Feb. 18–20, 2000The Whole Nine Yards$13,731,070$163,0921.19%
Hanging Up$13,567,978
9Dec. 13–15, 2002Maid in Manhattan$18,711,407$198,1021.06%
Star Trek: Nemesis$18,513,305
10Apr. 15–17, 1983Lone Wolf McQuade$4,295,300$219,1765.10%
11Apr. 26–28, 1996The Quest$7,029,120$259,7573.70%
The Truth About Cats & Dogs$6,769,363
12Apr. 29–May 1, 1994No Escape$4,588,736$260,1935.67%
With Honors$4,328,543
13Jan. 31–Feb. 2, 2003The Recruit$16,302,063$284,9221.75%
Final Destination 2$16,017,141
14Jan. 25–27, 2008Meet the Spartans$18,505,530$301,6541.63%
15Oct. 22–24, 1982First Blood$6,642,005$308,7464.65%
Halloween III: Season of the Witch$6,333,259
16Sept. 22–24, 2000Urban Legends: Final Cut$8,505,513$329,8473.88%
The Exorcist Director's Cut$8,175,666
17Oct. 3–5, 2014Gone Girl$37,513,109$378,8541.01%
18Jun. 21–23, 2002Minority Report$35,677,125$416,9131.17%
Lilo & Stitch$35,260,212
19Apr. 15–17, 1994Four Weddings and a Funeral$4,162,489$438,23510.53%
Cops and Robbersons$3,724,254
20Aug. 22–24, 1997G.I. Jane$11,094,241$439,8723.96%
Money Talks$10,654,369
21Sept. 11–13, 2015The Perfect Guy$25,888,154$460,5941.78%
The Visit$25,427,560
22Jul. 17–19, 1987Robocop$8,008,721$493,9726.17%
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Re-issue) (1987)$7,514,749
23Sept. 27–29, 1991The Fisher King$7,067,908$554,7787.85%
Necessary Roughness$6,513,130
24Apr. 5–7, 1996Primal Fear$9,871,222$560,8085.68%
A Thin Line Between Love and Hate$9,310,414
25Aug. 30–Sept. 2, 1991Dead Again$6,315,869$596,9299.45%
Child's Play 3$5,718,940
26Oct. 19–21, 2001From Hell$11,014,818$610,1665.54%
Riding in Cars with Boys$10,404,652
27Jan. 10–12, 1997The Relic$9,064,143$683,0887.54%
28Nov. 17–19, 2006Happy Feet$41,533,432$700,2761.69%
Casino Royale$40,833,156
29Apr. 26–28, 1991Oscar$5,091,027$742,86214.59%
A Kiss Before Dying$4,348,165
30Jan. 13–16, 1995Legends of the Fall$14,038,128$761,4665.42%
Higher Learning$13,276,662
31Jan. 13–15, 2006Glory Road$13,594,734$788,5465.80%
Last Holiday$12,806,188
32Jan. 17–20, 1997Beverly Hills Ninja$12,220,920$809,8136.63%
33Jul. 29–31, 2011Cowboys & Aliens$36,431,290$819,6532.25%
The Smurfs$35,611,637
34Mar. 25–27, 1983Spring Break$5,908,574$840,40914.22%
The Outsiders$5,068,165
35Dec. 24–26, 1999Any Given Sunday$13,584,625$846,3886.23%
The Talented Mr. Ripley$12,738,237
36Sept. 21–23, 2012End of Watch$13,152,683$865,4496.58%
House at the End of The Street$12,287,234
37Apr. 18–20, 1986Legend$4,261,154$872,24720.47%
Murphy's Law$3,388,907
38Nov. 11–13, 1988Child's Play$6,583,963$873,22913.26%
Ernest Saves Christmas$5,710,734
39Sept. 13–15, 1996Maximum Risk$5,612,707$904,66316.12%
Fly Away Home$4,708,044
40Jan. 19–21, 1996From Dusk Till Dawn$10,240,805$983,4719.60%
Mr. Holland's Opus$9,257,334
41Dec. 10–12, 1982The Toy$6,322,804$993,59615.71%
Airplane II: The Sequel$5,329,208
42Apr. 2–4, 1993Cop and a Half$6,027,285$994,25616.50%
The Adventures of Huck Finn$5,033,029

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